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Saturday June 17th, 2023 evening edition

image for Nato meeting fails to approve first defence plans since Cold War, Turkey blamed

BRUSSELS - Nato defence ministers failed on Friday to reach agreement over new plans on how the alliance would respond to a Russian attack, and one diplomat blamed Turkey for blocking them.

Nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said the ministers reviewed the plans – the first since the end of the Cold War and given impetus by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – at a two-day meeting in Brussels and were moving closer to agreeing on them.

But one diplomat said Turkey had blocked approval over the wording of geographical locations, including with regard to Cyprus.

There was still an opportunity to find a solution before the Nato summit in mid-July in Vilnius, the diplomat added.

Turkey’s diplomatic mission to Nato said it would be wrong to comment on a secret Nato document, adding only that “the usual process of consultations and evaluation among allies is continuing”.

The so-called regional plans comprise thousands of pages of secret military plans that will detail how the alliance would respond to a Russian attack.

Nato had seen no need for large-scale defence plans for decades as it fought smaller wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and felt certain post-Soviet Russia no longer posed an existential threat. »

UPS workers vote to strike, setting stage for biggest walkout since 1959

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UPS workers are gearing up for a potential strike that would be the biggest U.S. labor walkout since the 1950s.

Heat safety has been a significant concern for UPS workers, with many incidents of drivers falling sick from heatstroke.

UPS workers last went on strike in 1997 in a 15-day walkout that crippled the company and ended in a win for the union. »

Study shows human tendency to help others is universal

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A new study on the human capacity for cooperation suggests that, deep down, people of diverse cultures are more similar than you might expect.

This human tendency to help others when needed—and to explain when such help can't be given—transcends other cultural differences.

More information: Giovanni Rossi et al, Shared cross-cultural principles underlie human prosocial behavior at the smallest scale, Scientific Reports (2023). »

Ron DeSantis Suffers Huge Blow in His Battle With Disney

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Main image, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is pictured in Laconia, New Hampshire, on June 1, 2023.

A survey shows DeSantis' popularity has dropped amid his battle with Disney.

DeSantis has said there was "zero" chance that he would back down in his battle with Disney. »