Helldivers sequel is coming later this year

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Arrowhead Games showcased arguably the most eye-catching and humorous trailer at yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase when it confirmed that the sequel to Helldriver is coming later this year.

Helldivers 2 looks like a fun and chaotic PVE coop shooter

The first trailer for Helldivers 2 invites players on an adventure that spans an entire galaxy. Players take on the role of a Helldiver, a peacekeeping force that aims to make Super Earth safe from invading aliens. The trailer retains the humor and satire of the original game and looks like a parody of Starship Troopers.

"Experience true freedom. The freedom to travel the galaxy and secure the resources we need to build a better tomorrow," the narrator tells players. "The freedom to encounter fascinating life forms and introduce them to our sophisticated technology. The freedom to make new friends and represent the best of what Super Earth has to offer."

The sequel to 2015’s Helldivers is a third-person shooter as opposed to the top-down perspective of the original game. The third-person perspective is similar to the "behind-the-shoulder" camera angle of Mass Effect and should provide players with a more immersive experience.

The visual upgrade will surely entice more players to try the game out. The trailer showed off detailed and smooth graphics that gamers would surely enjoy. We hope the combat in the game will be as intense and chaotic as the trailer.

Gamers have the option how to take on missions as a Helldiver. Players need to complete missions, upgrade their ships, and build an impressive array of weaponry. Helldivers can customize their primary weapons and loadouts, and will able to call in support when things get messy.

Helldivers 2 will feature online co-op gameplay. Players will have to plan out the team’s composition and loadouts to have the best possible outcome in missions. To make it more challenging, friendly fire is always enabled so communication will be key to keep teams alive in the vast battlefield.

Johan Pilestedt, CEO of Arrowhead Games and game director for Helldivers 2, shared his excitement about the upcoming title.

"Brace yourselves for adrenaline-fueled moments, intense action, and a bond that forms when you rely on your team to complete missions or comically fail due to the reckless handling of over-the-top firepower," Pilestedt said. "Most importantly, we hope that the laughter we share in the studio while playing the game will resonate with you as you enjoy this crazy universe."

Helldivers 2 is coming to PC and PS5 later this year.

Speaking of the PlayStation Showcase, another highlight of the event was the reveal of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, which is apparently also coming to the Xbox.

caninehere on May 26th, 2023 at 01:45 UTC »

Hope they do it justice. I enjoyed Helldivers 1 as an earlier PS4 game, but it was better in theory than in practice. Once you progressed a certain amount it became too difficult to get anywhere as a solo player, and because the game requires a fair bit of coordination and has friendly fire it's usually a fucking nightmare playing online with randoms... and this was back when there was actually people playing it so you didn't have issues finding players at the same place in the game.

It really felt like they didn't intend for solo play to be doable but allowed it anyway, and didn't think about what playing with randoms would be like. And there's no AI teammates.

A sequel could solve these issues by having (useful) AI teammates but programming that is easier said than done.

The switch to third person will also take away the overhead shooter gameplay which to me personally was appealing given how uncommon it is these days... and if there's one thing the PS4/5 doesn't need it's more third person action games.

surpurdurd on May 26th, 2023 at 00:18 UTC »

I just hope it still has the directional input commands for calling things in, that was such an amazing layer to the combat that actually made it measurable how used to your loadouts you were. You can always spot the newbie on the bug killing squad that didn't know his equipment. But the first time you call something in without looking at the commands, you felt like Michael God damn Ironside

duendeacdc on May 25th, 2023 at 22:41 UTC »

LOVED helldivers 1. not sure if I will enjoy the third person camera . let's see...