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Saturday May 20th, 2023 morning edition

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Former United States President Barack Obama, late night television host Stephen Colbert, and CNN’s Erin Burnett are some of the “500 Americans” Russia has banned from entering the country.

The list includes Obama, former US Ambassador Jon Huntsman, several US senators and the next expected chairman of the joint chiefs Charles Q.

The rambling list of names also includes American late night TV hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Colbert, and Seth Meyers.

On January 6, 2021, scores of supporters of former US President Donald Trump sought to stop Biden’s certification as president and attacked the US Capitol.

Russia has banned CNN anchor Erin Burnett, late-night host Stephen Colbert, former President Barack Obama and CNN reporter Nick Paton Walsh from entering the country.

While the list was labelled, “500 Americans,” Paton Walsh is a British citizen.

It did not specify complaints against each individual or explain what the sanctions would mean beyond a ban from entering the county. »

Big batteries “cannibalising” gas plants, says AGL, as Torrens BESS charges up

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On the other hand, the Torrens battery represents a real and present danger to the economic and technical viability of AGL’s main business at Torrens Island – gas power generation and services.

“But, you know, if we don’t cannibalise it then somebody else will … Because at the end of the day, batteries are also in competition with gas plants.”.

See: From big gas kettle to big battery: The energy “time tunnel” at Torrens Island. »

Utah mom accused of poisoning husband with fentanyl in cocktail took out $2 million in life insurance policies on him

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An autopsy and a toxicology report found that he died from a fentanyl overdose, according to a probable cause statement.

It further alleged that between 2015 and 2017, Richins bought at least four life insurance policies on her husband totaling almost $2 million.

Richins also allegedly changed a separate life insurance policy that her husband had to list herself as the beneficiary. »