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Friday May 19th, 2023 night edition

image for US bill outlines UN status of Taiwan

US bill outlines UN status of Taiwan.

SOLIDARITY ACT: An amendment includes new paragraphs calling on the US to ‘oppose any attempts by China to resolve Taiwan’s status by distorting language’.

UN Resolution 2758 did not address Taiwan’s representation in the UN, the Taiwan International Solidarity Act passed by the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee says.

The bill was introduced in the US House of Representatives in February to amend the Taiwan Allies International Protection and Enhancement Initiative (TAIPEI) Act of 2019.

The amendment also reiterates that the US “opposes any initiative that seeks to change Taiwan’s status without the consent of the people.”.

In Taipei, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday thanked the US Congress for its bipartisan support of Taiwan’s participation in international organizations.

Passing the bill ahead of the 76th World Health Assembly, which is to begin this weekend, is especially meaningful, the ministry said. »

Ukraine intelligence chief says Kyiv wants a demilitarized border zone up to 60 miles inside Russia to prevent future conflicts

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An intel chief says Ukraine wants a demilitarized border zone up to 60 miles into Russian territory.

He said it would prevent future conflict and "shouldn't be an issue" if Russia doesn't plan attacks.

The head of Ukraine's military-intelligence service says Kyiv wants to set up a demilitarized border zone up to 60 miles into Russian territory. »

Professor Flunks All His Students After ChatGPT Falsely Claims It Wrote Their Papers

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He offered the class a makeup assignment to avoid the failing grade — which could otherwise, in theory, threaten their graduation status.

The bot isn’t made to detect material composed by AI — or even material produced by itself — and is known to sometimes emit damaging misinformation.

With very little prodding, ChatGPT will even claim to have written passages from famous novels such as Crime and Punishment. »

Biden up 7 points over Donald Trump in 2024 popular vote, poll shows

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By comparison, Biden defeated Trump by 4.5 percentage points in the 2020 popular vote, while former President Barack Obama won re-election over Republican Mitt Romney by 3.9 percentage points in 2012.

President Biden is leading former President Trump by 7 percentage points in a potential 2024 election rematch.

Biden, 80, would beat 76-year-old Trump 47% to 40% if the next presidential election were held today, the poll shows. »