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Friday May 19th, 2023 day edition

image for ‘Outright Scum Will Be Punished’ – Ukraine Intel Chief Admits Assassinating Russian Propagandists

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence has admitted Kyiv is behind the assassinations of prominent Russian propagandists.

Major General Kyrylo Budanov, said: “We’ve already successfully targeted quite a few people,” The Times reports.

“There have been well-publicized cases everyone knows about, thanks to the media coverage.”.

Although Budanov did not specify exactly which individuals have been targeted, since the launch of Russia’s full-scale invasion last year, several prominent pro-Kremlin figures have been killed or wounded on Russian territory.

Earlier this month, an explosion in the Nizhny Novgorod region injured Zakhar Prilepin, a pro-Kremlin writer and one of Russia’s best-known novelists.

In April, an explosion at a cafe in Russia's second-largest city of Saint Petersburg killed prominent pro-Kremlin military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky and injured 25 others.

In another interview on Tuesday, Budanov said: “Outright scum will eventually be punished in any country in the world. »

Ron DiSaster Loses $1 Billion Disney Project Days Before 2024 Announcement

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The recommended firing follows a long-standing concern by parents and teachers about district administrators policing expression within the classroom.

Waukesha’s Board Policy 2240, “Controversial Issues in the Classroom,” has set guidelines for when the district would “permit” a so-called “controversial issue” to be introduced in the classroom.

Yet they interestingly took it upon themselves to explain the exact rationale of why the song was banned. »

YouTube TV shows repeating Little Mermaid ad instead of end of NBA playoff game

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this was my YouTube TV screen for the last 5 minutes of the NBA game — alex (@highIightheaven) May 18, 2023.

YouTube also highlighted an instance where people "might also experience an issue when watching content on multiple channels" on YouTube TV.

Oh, and for YouTube TV subscribers who never saw the end of last night's game, Miami won. »

Disney Pulls Plug on $1 Billion Development in Florida

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In March, Disney called Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida “anti-business” for his scorched-earth attempt to tighten oversight of the company’s theme park resort near Orlando.

Last month, when Disney sued the governor and his allies for what it called “a targeted campaign of government retaliation,” the company made clear that $17 billion in planned investment in Walt Disney World was on the line.

It would have brought more than 2,000 Disney jobs to the region, with $120,000 as the average salary, according to an estimate from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. »