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Wednesday May 17th, 2023 evening edition

image for Impossible to destroy Patriot system with Kinzhal missile – Air Force Spokesperson

Source: Ihnat on the national joint 24/7 newscast on the morning of 17 May.

We have no comment on the liar Konashenkov [spokesperson for the Russian MoD - ed.

], who has destroyed the entire composition of our Air Force eight times over.

If we had as many planes as they have "destroyed", we would have probably won a long time ago.

intercepts a Kinzhal missile or other missiles high in the sky, then we cannot calculate where exactly they were aimed.

It’s enough to have a deflection of several degrees – and the missile has already flown a dozen kilometres further," Ihnat said.

"We will not find out where they were aimed because the targets [the Kinzhal missiles – ed.] »

Donna Deegan Just Blew Up the Idea Florida Is Turning More Republican

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Donna Deegan's election as mayor of Jacksonville is a blow to the governor and possible 2024 Republican presidential contender.

Together, we will bring change for good to Jacksonville by making good on… — Donna Deegan (@DonnaDeegan) May 17, 2023.

He said: "Florida is a Republican-trending state, but as evidenced by Donna Deegan's upset victory, that doesn't mean Florida has become thoroughly ruby-red. »

First strippers’ union in a decade is expected to form this week

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The negotiation is expected following a settlement hearing with union attorneys.

When ballots are officially opened later this week, the strippers are expected to overwhelmingly win the union election, forming the first known union of strippers in the United States since the nation’s only unionized strip club, the Lusty Lady, closed in San Francisco in 2013.

The union representing the dancers said the partnership made sense and praised them for their tenacity. »

Taco Bell is fighting to cancel the ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademark

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Since Taco John’s owns the trademark, other restaurants and companies must seek permission to use “Taco Tuesday” in branding and advertising.

“Taco Bell has not reached out to us, so we have no comment on any possible trademark action,” Taco John’s said in a statement.

“Taco John’s would like to thank our worthy competitors at Taco Bell for reminding everyone that ‘Taco Tuesday’ is best celebrated at Taco John’s – the trademark owner of Taco Tuesday.”. »