Moldova to initiate withdrawal procedure from CIS Parliamentary Assembly

Authored by and submitted by Winstonoceaniasmith
image for Moldova to initiate withdrawal procedure from CIS Parliamentary Assembly

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Admirable_Custard608 on May 15th, 2023 at 22:08 UTC »

Long coming, and long overdue. Moldova has suffered from similar Russian involvement in domestic politics since the occupation of Transnistria, which followed a by now familiar pattern: Russia takes limited grievances of a Russian minority, pours oil over the fire, then sends over (at the time, it didn't have to as Moldova didn't even have an army) troops and occupies a slice of former Soviet Union Republics. Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova. Same thing.

Winstonoceaniasmith on May 15th, 2023 at 21:14 UTC »

Moldova has decided to withdraw from the Russian lead CIS parliamentary assembly citing "After 30 years, it became very clear that the inclusion of the Republic of Moldova in the structures of the CIS did not help us to resolve the Transnistrian conflict, it did not help us to remove the Russian army from the territory of the Republic of Moldova,” Igor Grosu, the head of the Moldovan parliament said during a press briefing. Grosu noted that Moldova’s membership to the body did not protect Chisinau from “painful economic embargoes” and from “energy blackmail” during the winter months, saying it also did not protect member countries from “military attacks, war, and illegal occupation of sovereign territories.”

This comes less than a year after Russia failed to come to the aid of fellow CSTO alliance member Armenia after the latter was attacked by Azerbaijian.

Moldova has increasingly been turning towards the west in recent years accelerating its interest in joining both NATO and the EU.

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