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Saturday May 13rd, 2023 day edition

image for 8-year-old escapes abduction attempt in Northern Michigan, brother hits suspect in head with slingshot

ALPENA TOWNSHIP, MI -- A 17-year-old suspect from Alpena has been charged in connection with the attempted kidnapping of a 8-year-old girl.

Michigan State Police say the suspect was arrested Wednesday shortly after he tried to abduct the victim from her backyard.

The victim was able to breakaway from the suspect.

Her 13-year-old brother witnessed the attempted abduction and shot the suspect in the head and chest with a slingshot before the suspect fled the scene.

Another family member saw the suspect fleeing from the scene and a description was provided to police who began looking for him.

The suspect had visible wounds from the slingshot and was taken into custody by police.

During an interview with detectives, police allege the suspect admitted that he planned on severely beating the child. »

Congress shouldn't get paid until debt ceiling is addressed, House Democrat says

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The Virginia Democrat criticized House GOP leaders for moving through legislation that would raise the debt limit through March 2024 while cutting roughly $4.5 trillion in spending, even though the plan is dead on arrival in the Democratic-led Senate.

Spanberger requested Szpindor prepare to withhold pay for members of Congress until it passes and President Biden signs a bill raising or suspending the debt ceiling.

Though the House has passed a plan that lifts the debt ceiling, it has no chance of becoming law. »

Russia tried to destroy US-made Patriot system in Ukraine, officials say

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Russia tried to destroy a US-made Patriot air defense system in Ukraine last week with a hypersonic missile, two US officials told CNN.

The attack failed, and the Ukrainian military instead intercepted the missile using the Patriot system, the officials said, marking their first known successful Ukrainian use of the advanced air defense system only weeks after it arrived in country.

In this file photo, a soldier stands on a trailer with launching pads for guided missiles of the Patriot air defense system in southeastern Poland. »

Dallas police say man shot, killed 26-year-old girlfriend for having abortion

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DALLAS ( — A 22-year-old man who shot and killed his girlfriend early Wednesday did so because of a recent abortion she had, according to his arrest warrant.

During their investigation, police determined Gonzales had been in an argument with her boyfriend, Harold Thompson, prior to the shooting.

Further investigation revealed Gonzales recently went to Colorado to get an abortion and returned just the night before, police said. »