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Tuesday May 9th, 2023 day edition

image for Clarence Thomas Ethics Scandal: Kellyanne Conway Sent Money to Ginni

Kellyanne Conway (left) in 2020 and Clarence Thomas (right) in 2009.

Kellyanne Conway helped route a payment to Clarence Thomas' wife, Ginni Thomas, according to the Washington Post.

It's the latest ethics scandal to hit Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The ongoing ethics scandal surrounding Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas now has a new player involved: Kellyanne Conway.

According to a report from the Washington Post, conservative judicial activist Leonard Leo wanted to send thousands of dollars to Virginia "Ginni" Thomas, the wife of Clarence Thomas, in 2012.

So, he asked Kellyanne Conway, then a GOP pollster, for help routing the money from Judicial Education Project, a nonprofit Leo advised, to Ginni Thomas for consultation work.

When asked why he asked that Ginni Thomas' name be kept off the paperwork, Leo told the Post that he was trying to "protect the privacy of Justice Thomas and Ginni.". »

Brazil's Lula recognises six new indigenous reserves

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Mexican president backs U.S. dollar as globe's 'principal currency'

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MEXICO CITY, May 8 (Reuters) - Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador gave the U.S. dollar a vote on confidence on Monday after he was asked if a weakening greenback might spur a move to diversify Mexico's foreign currency reserves.

"We are going to continue considering the dollar as the world's principal currency," Lopez Obrador told a press conference.

"We have sufficient reasons to not move to other currencies," he said, underscoring Mexico's "increasingly close" economic ties to the United States. »

Alex Jones Wants This Comedian Arrested Over A Prank Call

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Comedian Chris James, the brain behind the prank call, tells Rolling Stone he came up with the idea while sitting on the toilet.

“They could IN THEORY call Alex Jones and pretend to be Tucker, and have a full conversation with him.

“He thinks it’s funny to call up Alex Jones and say ‘suck my titties,” Jones said during his Thursday broadcast. »

Greg Abbott Accused of Hiding Details About Texas Mall Shooting

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been accused by a Texas state senator of withholding details about Saturday's mass shooting at a mall.

On Saturday afternoon, a gunman opened fire at a crowded mall in Allen, a Dallas suburb, before a police officer killed him.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks during a May 25, 2022, press conference at Uvalde High School, where 19 children and two teachers died in a shooting. »