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Sunday May 7th, 2023 morning edition

image for Allen Premium Outlets Shooting: 8 victims killed, 7 injured; shooter 'neutralized'

The Allen Fire Department transported nine victims, but others may have been transported by other agencies or driven to a hospital by friends or family.

Police said there are three victims in critical condition and four in stable condition.

A spokesperson for Medical City Healthcare said eight victims ranging from 5 to 61 years old are being treated at their facilities.

There were multiple agencies that responded to secure the scene, including the Allen Police Department, Collin County Sheriff's Office, FBI, and ATF.

Police said there is no active threat at this time, and they believe the shooter acted alone.

"Got boxes to shut the door because we didn’t know where the shooter was, mayhem and panic," Abu Akther.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and others affected by this heinous act. »

Rightwingers praise free speech at CPAC Hungary – then eject Guardian journalist

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Addressing CPAC, she said her childhood ambition was to be a journalist, but that during the Covid pandemic she had realized that “some of the news wasn’t true”.

Not long afterwards, a Guardian journalist was ejected from the conference, during an interview with Rick Santorum.

Meanwhile, speakers including the Newsweek comment editor, Josh Hammer, were preparing for a panel on “Free Speech”. »

Mar-a-Lago Mole Could Put Trump's Recklessness on Full Display: Kirschner

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The "reckless" nature of former President Donald Trump may soon be on full display due to a "mole" reportedly working for the ex-president, according to legal analyst Glenn Kirschner.

"The first thing I thought of when I read this New York Times article is I bet the prosecutors had that confidential cooperating witness wear a wire.".

Former President Donald Trump is pictured Monday while disembarking his plane "Trump Force One" in Aberdeen, Scotland. »

Clarence Thomas must resign — or be impeached

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If Clarence and Ginni Thomas want to live in the lap of luxury, he should step down to pal around with his wealthy friends.

If Ginni Thomas wants to continue her work as a conservative activist, then her husband should resign to let her pursue her passion.

Every day that Clarence Thomas sits on the court is an affront to the idea of an impartial judiciary and ethical government. »