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Monday May 1st, 2023 night edition

image for Berkeley diner provides free meals to anyone who's hungry, no questions asked

BERKELEY -- Classic American diners make money serving up hearty meals for a fair price but one East Bay establishment has built its business giving away food for free.

It all started a few years ago when Collin Doran, owner of the Homemade Cafe in southwest Berkeley, decided to do something rather unusual in the restaurant business: offer anyone who is hungry a free breakfast, no questions asked.

Collin Doran, owner of the Homemade Cafe in Berkeley, serves free meals to the hungry and homeless.

"The typical Everybody Eats meal is a basic two-eggs breakfast: two eggs cooked however the customer likes it.

To qualify, one merely needs to grab a coupon from the diner bulletin board and find a seat.

Duran's program has become so popular, he's now giving away about 200 meals a month.

"Doing it in a way that is socially responsible and trying to make the world a little better place," he said. »

Fox Poll Shows Republicans in for a Brutal 2024 Election

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Carroll said that she was scared of what Trump might do to her, pointing out that “he has two tables full of lawyers here today.”.

At least 26 women have accused Trump of sexual harassment or assault since the 1970s, all of which he has denied.

And the line of questioning in the case shows exactly why so many people, not just Carroll, hesitate to come forward after they have been sexually assaulted. »

A Montana lawmaker suggested she’d rather risk her child’s suicide than let her transition

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State Rep. Kerri Seekins-Crowe, a Republican, suggested during a floor debate that she would rather risk her daughter dying by suicide than allow her to transition.

"One of the big issues that we have heard today and we've talked about lately is that without surgery the risk of suicide goes way up.

Montana House Republicans voted this week to censure Rep. Zooey Zephyr, a Democrat and Montana’s first transgender state legislator. »

Republicans Declare War on Young Voters

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First of all, the data indicates that the overall youth vote in the 2022 midterms was relatively anemic.

That was down from the 2018 midterms, when 28 percent of eligible young voters cast a ballot.

But as unpopular as Biden is, Trump is what disaster in real time looks like, and young voters generally know it. »

Australia and New Zealand in the West Papua Conflict

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The drawn-out hostage drama in West Papua over New Zealand pilot Philip Mehrtens has focused Western attention on this neglected area of the world.

The Dutch and later local Melanesian groups within West Papua asserted that the region’s cultural, religious, and ethnic differences mandated separate West Papuan independence.

Foreign policymakers in both countries have shown little willingness to address the unrest or human rights issues in West Papua. »