‘Sunscreen for car’: Homeopathic doctor coats car with cow dung to beat the heat

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A homoeopathic doctor from Sagar, a city in Madhya Pradesh, has devised a way to keep his car cool against the growing heat. Sushil Sagar, who is currently posted at the Khurai Civil Hospital, has plastered his car with cow dung.

While explaining his approach to news agency ANI, the doctor said, “It often happens in summer that the sheet on top of the car draws heat and increases the temperature inside the car. By applying cow dung coating, the inside temperature of the car does not rise. The heat that is felt while sitting inside the car during summer is avoided with this.”.

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Sushil Sagar added that since the car remains cool because of cow dung coating, the AC works better and faster. He also claimed that the simple cow dung coating can last for around two months if it is not disturbed by water.

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As the video of Sushil Sagar’s unique approach went viral on Instagram, many netizens appeared unconvinced by his trick.

Commenting on the video in which Sagar drives his car and explains the heat-resistant properties of cow dung, an Instagram user wrote, “Honestly he seems like a nice man with his heart in the right place. BUT I think his mind is affected being around by GOBAR”. Another person said, “Heights of nonsense”.

An Instagram user wrote, “I don’t know it will work on car but in villages we have been using cow dung for many years on walls which cools inner temperature of house.”

rasterized on April 25th, 2023 at 01:10 UTC »

There are probably hundreds of substances out there that would give the same insulating effect, last longer and not involve playing with shit.

Sariel007 on April 24th, 2023 at 22:23 UTC »

"Homeopathic doctor"

The biggest oxymoron.

linuxgator on April 24th, 2023 at 22:02 UTC »

It probably does a number on the clear-coat (and that number is 2).