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Monday April 24th, 2023 night edition

image for Recreational weed to become legal in Delaware on Sunday

The governor, a staunch opponent of legalization, also said Friday he won’t veto the bill that created a regulated marijuana retail market.

No different from having an unopened six-pack of beer in the car.

Carney won’t sign the bills into law, or use his veto pen as he did last year with the legalization-only measure.

His deadline for signing or vetoing was Saturday at midnight for the legalization-only bill, and Wednesday night for the regulatory bill.

“As I’ve consistently said, I believe the legalization of recreational marijuana is not a step forward,’’ Carney’s statement said.

“I support both medical marijuana and Delaware’s decriminalization law because no one should go to jail for possessing a personal-use quantity of marijuana.

And I understand there are those who share my views who will be disappointed in my decision not to veto this legislation. »

Russia outraged by US denying visas to Russian journalists: "We will not forget, we will not forgive"

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Russian journalists were not issued visas to cover Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s participation in UN events in New York.

A group of Russian journalists who were supposed to accompany Lavrov on this trip were denied visas at the very last moment.

An anonymous Russian diplomat told RIA Novosti that following the visa incident, Russia will treat US journalists like the US treated Russian journalists. »

Turkey earthquake "miracle" baby girl finally reunited with mom almost two months after the deadly quakes

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Istanbul — A baby girl who was rescued after being buried under earthquake rubble in Turkey for 128 hours was finally reunited with her mother on Monday.

The mother and baby were the only survivors from their family, as the baby girl lost her father and two brothers when the earthquakes struck.

So far 1,774 children have been returned to their families in Turkey after being separated amid the chaos of the earthquakes, officials told CBS News. »

Gun Violence Is Actually Worse in Red States. It’s Not Even Close.

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New Netherland is once again the safest large region, with a gun homicide rate about a third that of the deadliest region, the Deep South.

A 2011 Pew Research Center survey asked Americans what was more important, protecting gun ownership or controlling it.

After the Newtown school shooting in 2012, not only Connecticut but also neighboring New York and nearby New Jersey tightened gun laws. »