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Monday April 24th, 2023 evening edition

image for Water permits for Saudi Arabia-owned farm in Arizona revoked

The state of Arizona has rescinded drilling permits for two water wells for a Saudi Arabia-owned alfalfa farm in the western portion of the state after authorities said they discovered inconsistencies in the company's well applications.

The company does not pay for the water it uses.

When Mayes brought the inconsistencies in the applications to the attention of state officials, they agreed to rescind the permits, which were approved in August. reported that the new wells would have pumped up to 3,000 gallons of water per minute.

Several large corporate farms in western and southeastern Arizona have come under criticism for using large amounts of water as the southwestern United States is experiencing a severe drought.

In some cases, neighbors have complained that the corporate farms have used so much water that neighboring wells have run dry.

In addition, Arizona faces the possibility of losing substantial amounts of Colorado River water when the federal government announces new action to combat low water levels in Lake Powell and Lake Mead. »

Ron DeSantis' Culture War Is Turning Off Republicans

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"Woke is important, but you can't have that as a replacement for a bold, growth-centric economic plan.".

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis delivers remarks during the New Hampshire GOP's Amos Tuck Dinner on April 14, 2023, in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Some GOP members have condemned DeSantis for continuing to stoke the culture wars and his unrelenting attacks on the Walt Disney Company. »

No nuclear strike will happen after Ukraine enters Crimea – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Chief

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Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence, believes that Russia will not launch a nuclear attack when Ukrainian defenders enter occupied Crimea.

Details: Asked whether there will be a nuclear strike if the Armed Forces of Ukraine enter Crimea, Budanov answered, "There will not be.".

In September, Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, claimed that Ukraine was going to come back to occupied Crimea; it would happen militarily and soon enough. »

Can We Please Stop Comparing Russia’s Economy to Italy’s?

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For if Russia’s economy were as small and unimpressive as the statistics suggest, how could it withstand the sanctions imposed upon it?

Why has President Joe Biden’s declaration that “the Russian economy will be cut in half” failed to materialize?

But above all, let us resolve to never again utter the words “Russia has an economy the size of Italy.”. »