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Sunday April 23rd, 2023 morning edition

image for Missouri trans ‘snitch form’ down after people spammed it with the ‘Bee Movie’ script

Missouri trans ‘snitch form’ down after people spammed it with the ‘Bee Movie’ script.

A Missouri government tip site for submitting complaints and concerns about gender-affirming care is down after people flooded it with fanfiction, rambling anecdotes and the “Bee Movie” script.

But after days of TikTok and Twitter users spamming the site with gibberish, the tip line has been removed from the Missouri government site entirely.

Instead of the online form, the link to the tip line now says that the page no longer exists.

Madeline Sieren, press secretary for Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, blamed “far left activists” for breaking the site.

“In order to ensure the integrity of a government website, the page is temporarily down while we investigate these matters.”.

PROMO, a Missouri LGBTQ advocacy organization, said Bailey “fanned the flames of hate” in issuing the emergency rule. »

Miller High Life: Belgium destroys shipment of American beer after taking issue with 'Champagne of Beer' slogan

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Belgium has destroyed a shipment of American beer after taking exception to its maker’s slogan that it was “The Champagne of Beers.”.

Belgian customs crushed the 2,352 cans of Miller High Life beer earlier this week, reasoning that they were improperly labeled as Champagne.

According to its website, it began to use the slogan “The Champagne of Bottle Beer” three years later, shortening it to “The Champagne of Beers” in 1969. »

Kenyan cult leader told followers to starve themselves, at least 21 dead

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At least 21 bodies have been found in southeast Kenya in connection with a cult leader who told his followers to starve themselves and kill their children to ‘meet Jesus,’ local officials say.

In one grave, investigators found the bodies of three children with their father on one side and their mother on the other side.

Mackenzie and six of his followers remain in police custody, but the cult leader is now on a hunger strike himself. »

Multiple Reports Hint At Mortal Kombat 12 Announcement At PlayStation Showcase In May 2023

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Multiple reports suggest that Sony will be holding a PlayStation Showcase during the month of May, 2023, and that Mortal Kombat 12 will be announced at the event.

Several sources appear to suggest that a PlayStation Showcase is scheduled for May, 2023, and that Mortal Kombat 12 will get revealed at the event.

Whether this is in relation to an announcement involving Mortal Kombat 12 is hard to say, though SonicFox seems convinced. »

Arrests made in online threats against Florida sheriff who took a stand against antisemitism in his county

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Three people have been arrested after allegedly making online threats against the Volusia County Sheriff over comments he made against a neo-Nazi hate group.

After the news conference, police began investigating anonymous online threats to kill the sheriff, the agency said.

On Thursday, Cristhian Zapata, 23, was arrested in Connecticut for threats made on 4chan against the sheriff, according to a release. »