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Saturday April 22nd, 2023 night edition

image for Outrage as Florida Republicans pass ‘fascist’ bill to remove trans kids from parents’ custody

Republican lawmakers in Florida have sparked outrage after passing a bill that LGBTQ advocates say will strip trans children from their parents' custody.

SB254 — which one former lawmaker has called "fascist" legislation — would allow the state to rip children from their parents when they are "at risk" or "subjected" to gender-affirming health care.

The bill is written so that even a child of Floridian parents living out of state could trigger the law.

Kara Gross, the legislative director and senior policy counsel of the ACLU in Florida, called the state's assault on trans existence "shameful.".

“It is shameful that our Florida Legislature continues to pass dangerous bills designed to silence, harm, and erase trans people in Florida," she said in a statement.

The Florida Legislature’s insistence on targeting trans people is bizarre, unnecessary, unconstitutional, and extremely dangerous.".

The Florida legislature approved three bills on Wednesday that aim to eliminate any expression of non-cis, non-hetero expression from public life. »

NATO allies 'agree Ukraine will become member'

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All NATO allies have agreed that Ukraine will become a member, says secretary general Jens Stoltenberg.

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday that preventing Ukraine from joining NATO remains one of the goals of what Moscow calls its "special military operation.".

NATO allies have trained tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops and provided €65bn (£57bn) of military aid alone. »

Russia Bombs Its Own City by Mistake

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A powerful explosion was reported in Belgorod's city center on Thursday evening.

Russian Telegram channels reported that multi-story buildings were damaged, while the region's governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said three people were injured in the blast.

"On April 20, during the flight of an Su-34 aircraft of the Aerospace Forces over the city of Belgorod, there was an abnormal descent of an aircraft munition. »

German Defenсe Minister considers operations of Ukraine's Armed Forces on territory of Russia acceptable

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German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius has said that operations by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Russian territory are perfectly acceptable.

Earlier, Pistorius said that the war unleashed by Russia was an obstacle to discussing Ukraine's accession to NATO.

The minister noted that NATO should "carefully" weigh any step towards Ukraine's inclusion in the Alliance. »

All Nato members have agreed Ukraine will eventually join, says Stoltenberg

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“All Nato allies have agreed that Ukraine will become a member,” he said.

Nato membership, carrying with it a commitment from all member countries to protect each other if attacked, has long been a demand from Kyiv.

Although Nato agreed in principle in 2008 that Ukraine could be allowed to join, the country has never been given a formal pathway to membership. »