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Saturday April 22nd, 2023 evening edition

image for Cat with '100% fatal' feline coronavirus saved by human Covid-19 medicine

Anya​, the 7-year-old birman cat, was suffering from feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a “100% fatal” viral infection caused by feline coronavirus.

That was, until Auckland vet Dr Habin Choi​ intervened, giving Anya an antiviral used to treat Covid-19 called molnupiravir.

Twelve weeks later, Anya is “back to normal” both physically and in blood tests, which vets involved in her care say is “phenomenal”.

* Wellington cat saved from fatal virus by a pricey human drug.

* Australian student spends more than $10k to save pet with 'cat coronavirus'.

Until very recently, FIP was considered to be non-treatable, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine says.

MONIQUE FORD / STUFF Stephen Press's Tonkinese cat, Tiff, was saved from a fatal disease after being given remdesivir, a drug for humans. »

Bethesda weren't sure if they wanted Dishonored 3, and so we got Deathloop instead

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As Colantonio explains it, Deathloop was initially conceived as a “small game” to keep Arkane occupied and learning before it jumped into another big project.

Colantonio was no longer working at Arkane by the time Deathloop came out - instead, he’d left the developer to work on the wonderful Weird West as an indie.

Arkane Lyon, meanwhile, remains committed to Dishonored in its own way: studio director Dinga Bakaba recently confirmed that Deathloop and Dishonored take place in the same universe. »

Supreme Court preserves access to abortion pill for now

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People stand outside the Supreme Court on Friday, April 21, 2023, in Washington after the court decided to preserve women's access to a drug used in the most common method of abortion, rejecting lower-court restrictions while a lawsuit continues.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Friday preserved women’s access to a drug used in the most common method of abortion , rejecting lower-court restrictions while a lawsuit continues.

President Joe Biden praised the high court for keeping mifepristone available while the court fight continues. »

Teen vomited on multiple days before dying of infection at Utah boarding school, state finds

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Taylor Goodridge, 17, died on Dec. 20, and the state concluded in a subsequent investigation that the boarding school for troubled teens had failed to seek necessary medical care for her when she vomited on multiple days.

“Nine days prior to the client’s death, documentation recorded the client vomited at least 7 times in an 11-hour time frame.”.

Taylor Goodridge, 17, was sent to Diamond Ranch Academy from her home in Washington state to address emotional issues. »

Delaware governor says he won’t block marijuana legalization

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(AP) — Delaware Gov. John Carney said Friday that he will allow bills legalizing recreational marijuana use by adults in the state and authorizing the establishment of a state-licensed and regulated cannabis industry to become law without his signature.

The Democratic governor’s move marks a turnaround from last year, when he vetoed a legalization bill championed by fellow Democrats.

“I remain concerned about the consequences of a recreational marijuana industry in our state,” Carney added. »