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Friday April 21st, 2023 night edition

image for My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell ordered to follow through with $5 million payment to expert who debunked his false election data

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has been ordered to shell out $5 million to an expert who debunked his data related to the 2020 election, according to a decision by the arbitration panel obtained by CNN.

Lindell, a purveyor of election conspiracies, vowed to award the multimillion-dollar sum to any cyber security expert who could disprove his data.

CNN has obtained arbitration documents and video depositions, including a deposition of Lindell, related to the dispute.

“Based on the foregoing analysis, Mr. Zeidman performed under the contract,” the arbitration panel wrote in its decision.

“He proved the data Lindell LLC provided, and represented reflected information from the November 2020 election, unequivocally did not reflect November 2020 election data.

Thus, the contestants’ task was to prove the data presented to them was not valid data from the November 2020 election,” the arbitration panel wrote.

The panel’s decision ticked through each of the data files provided Zeidman, determining repeatedly that the data was unrelated to the 2020 election. »

Electronic military draft notices sent out in St Petersburg, Russia

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The authorities in St Petersburg have started sending out electronic military conscription notices in test mode as part of the spring conscription in Russia.

Details: The test military draft notices are reportedly being sent to Russian citizens to their personal accounts on the Federal State Information System Gosuslugi.

Electronic conscription notices in Russia will reportedly be sent out in test mode during the spring conscription – in particular, in Moscow, conscription for military service will be carried out through the Gosuslugi portal. »

Germany to ban new gas and oil heating from next year

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Celebrity Cruise Ship Kept Corpse in Drink Cooler, Lawsuit Says

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"Knowing their husband and father was callously and casually left in a beverage cooler, stripping him of his dignity in the sacred time just after his passing," the family's lawsuit states, "the ideas and mental images will surely never leave the memory of the plaintiffs.

"Filed in Florida's Southern District federal court on behalf of the man's wife, two daughters, and three grandchildren, the lawsuit demands at least a million dollars in damages.

The family members are Florida residents, with the exception of one granddaughter, who is from Texas. »