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Thursday April 20th, 2023 evening edition

image for Electronic military draft notices sent out in St Petersburg, Russia

The authorities in St Petersburg have started sending out electronic military conscription notices in test mode as part of the spring conscription in Russia.

Source: Russian local news agency Fontanka, citing Sergei Kachkovsky, Chief Enlistment Officer in St Petersburg.

Details: The test military draft notices are reportedly being sent to Russian citizens to their personal accounts on the Federal State Information System Gosuslugi.

Kachkovsky states that the issue of SMS notices is also being worked on.

On 14 April, Vladimir Putin, President of the aggressor country, signed a law that equates electronic conscription notices with paper ones, introduces a register of persons liable for military service and closes the borders for evaders.

Electronic conscription notices in Russia will reportedly be sent out in test mode during the spring conscription – in particular, in Moscow, conscription for military service will be carried out through the Gosuslugi portal.

Maxim Loktev, Chief Enlistment Officer for the Russian capital, said that conscripts who do not live at their place of registration in Moscow are tracked using the city's video surveillance system. »

Senate Finance Chief: Nothing Unites GOP More Than 'Helping Rich People Cheat on Their Taxes'

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According to one estimate, tax dodging could cost the federal government more than $7 trillion in revenue over the next decade.

It's time the rich and corporations do the same," the progressive advocacy group Americans for Tax Fairness tweeted Wednesday.

"Republicans are threatening default because they want the rest of us to keep footing the bill for the wealthiest Americans.". »

Mayor Dumps Tons of Trash on Beach so Clean-Up Campaign Has Something to Remove

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A mayor in South Korea is under fire for dumping tons of garbage on an area beach so that volunteer clean-up crews had something to remove.

Lee Dong-jin, the mayor of Jindo County, admits he had the trash carted in because apparently there wasn't any for his constituents to remove.

He added that "100 percent" of the trash placed on the beach was removed by volunteers, and none of it had made its way into the ocean. »

An Eagle Who Adopted a Rock Becomes a Real Dad

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A usually mild-tempered bird, Murphy gently rotated his rock, less shaped like an egg than a small meteorite, as though to incubate it.

A sign on the eagles’ enclosure attempted to abate visitors’ concern, noting that Murphy was “not hurt, sick, or otherwise in distress.”

Perhaps it was fate, then, when an orphaned eaglet, just a week or two old, was brought into the sanctuary this month, having survived a fall from a tree during a storm in Ste. »

Ron DeSantis Mocked After ‘Buzzword Diarrhea Of The Mouth’ Rant Against ‘Woke’

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here's Ron DeSantis in South Carolina saying "woke" 7 times in 20 seconds — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) April 19, 2023.

On the top: Ron DeSantis says 'woke' a bunch of times in a very bizarre speech in South Carolina. — Emily (@MfromPa) April 20, 2023. woke woke woke-ity woke woke — John DeVore (@JohnDeVore) April 20, 2023. »