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Wednesday April 19th, 2023 morning edition

image for Settlement reached in Fox vs Dominion lawsuit

Dominion Voting Systems had two goals in its defamation case against Fox News — accountability and “trying to make Dominion whole," said Justin Nelson, the lead counsel election technology company.

Both were accomplished in this settlement, he told CNN on Tuesday.

While the settlement does not stipulate that Fox’s anchors must acknowledge the lies on air, Nelson said it was a consequential outcome for the network.

The texts and emails that emerged during the litigation process from inside the Fox network were valuable, he said.

"And what today has shown is that you have to pay a price if you're telling lies.".

He said the settlement with Fox sends a "strong message" to other right-wing outlets in which Dominion has ongoing legal disputes. »

Germany announces delivery of Patriot air defence system to Ukraine

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Details: Besides the air defence system and anti-air missiles, the German side provided 16 Zetros trucks and two border patrol cars.

Reminder: Germany promised to transfer one Patriot air defence system battery to Ukraine.

At the end of March, the Ukrainian military completed training on the Patriot air defence system in the USA , which was earlier than expected. »

‘World’s longest’ purpose-built cycling tunnel opens in Norway

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A three-kilometer-long (1.8-mile) cycling and pedestrian tunnel has been blasted through the base of Løvstakken mountain and its makers say it’s the longest purpose-built tunnel of its kind.

It takes a little under 10 minutes to whizz through the tunnel by bike and around 40 if strolling by foot.

The tram line through the mountain required a parallel evacuation tunnel, so the developers decided to make the new tunnel multipurpose. »

FBI arrests guardsman who applied for job on

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Josiah Garcia, a Tennessee air national guardsman, was arrested after federal agents said he responded to an online ad through the parody website.

In one follow-up he added a section on “Why I want this Job”, according to the affidavit.

He said he just received a job offer at a Nashville medical center that he intended to take instead. »

Iowa Senate Pulls All-Nighter to Roll Back Child Labor Protections

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The Senate voted 32-17, with one Republican representative joining all 16 Democrats in opposition, and the bill passed at 4:52 a.m. Advertisement.

“This is important precisely because it doesn’t fit into pre-existing patterns,” said Eric Blanc, an author and professor of labor studies at Rutgers University.

Child labor laws were one of the first wins for workers rights movements in the U.S., in the early 1900s. »