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Tuesday April 18th, 2023 morning edition

image for Kansas City shooting: Andrew Lester, accused of wounding Ralph Yarl in Missouri, will face two felony charges

“I can tell you there was a racial component to this case,” Thompson said at a news conference without elaborating.

There is no indication that Lester or Ralph spoke to one another before the Thursday evening shooting, Thompson said.

Thompson originally said Lester was 85 years old but a probable cause document obtained by CNN shows he is 84.

Police and Ralph’s family have said he went to the wrong address, mistaking 115th Terrace for 115th Street.

“I mean, this citizen went home and slept in his bed at night after shooting that young Black kid in the head.”.

Dan Clemens, superintendent of North Kansas City Schools, released a statement saying Ralph is “an excellent student and talented musician”.

“We figured out then he went to the wrong street, which is no excuse for what happened,” she said. »

New genetic target for male contraception identified – WSU Insider

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When they knocked out the gene in mice, it created infertility only in the males, impacting their sperm count, movement and shape.

“When this gene is inactivated or inhibited in males, they make sperm that cannot fertilize an egg, and that’s a prime target for male contraceptive development.”.

While other molecular targets have been identified for potential male contraceptive development, the Arrdc5 gene is specific to the male testes and found in multiple species. »

We've finally found the true 'welfare queen.' It’s Clarence Thomas.

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(A Washington Post report published over the weekend on another anomaly from Thomas' financial disclosure forms didn't help his case.).

In addition, Crow reportedly added tens of thousands of dollars of improvements to the house in Savannah, Georgia.

At long last, we’ve finally found a true welfare queen!. »

India, Russia talk free trade deal in step-up of relations

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NEW DELHI, April 17 (Reuters) - India and Russia are discussing a free trade agreement (FTA), the Russian trade minister said on Monday, an announcement that could deepen bilateral commercial ties that have flourished since war broke out in Ukraine.

India's imports from Russia more than quadrupled to $46.33 billion over the last fiscal year, mainly through oil.

"Together with the Eurasian Economic Commission, we are looking forward to intensifying negotiations on a free trade agreement with India.". »