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Sunday April 16th, 2023 day edition

image for Ukraine hails GPS-guided Excalibur artillery shells that can hit a target 25 miles away with pinpoint accuracy

Ukraine's commander-in-chief posted a Facebook video showing the effects of the M982 Excalibur.

Gen. Valeriy Zaluzhny praised the maximum accuracy of the precision-guided shells.

The US has supplied Ukraine with more than 3,000 of the advanced shells, according to a report.

Ukraine's top general Valeriy Zaluzhny shared a video showing the effectiveness of US-provided M982 Excalibur shells against Russian forces.

The GPS-guided 155 mm shells offer an accurate, longer-range alternative to conventional artillery shell, capable of hitting within seven feet of their target.

The Excalibur has a range of 25 miles, according to Pentagon budget documents from last year that first confirmed the shells had been sent to Ukraine.

It is thought that the US has sent around 3,000 Excalibur rounds to Ukraine since Russia invaded last year, reported in January. »

Florida to allow death penalty with 8-4 jury vote instead of unanimously

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The state's Republican-led House of Representatives approved the measure with an 80-30 vote on Thursday, following the Republican-controlled state Senate's approval in March.

If the Republican governor signs the bill into law, Florida prosecutors trying capital felony cases would need to convince only two-thirds of the 12-member jury that someone who is convicted deserves the death penalty, rather than a unanimous decision by a jury.

In 2017, Florida passed a law that required death penalties to be imposed only after a unanimous recommendation by a jury. »

Fox News apologizes to judge for ‘misunderstanding’ over Rupert Murdoch’s role that sparked investigation

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Fox News formally apologized to the judge in the Dominion defamation case, taking responsibility for the “misunderstanding” regarding Rupert Murdoch’s role at the network that led the judge to launch an investigation into potential legal misconduct by Fox, according to a letter obtained by CNN.

The legal spat revolves around Murdoch’s roles at Fox News and its parent company, Fox Corporation.

In past court filings, and when asked directly by the judge, Fox lawyers have repeatedly said he didn’t have an official title at Fox News. »

Japan Asks Schools Not to Penalize Students if They Were Late Because They Were Groped

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The Japanese government has asked schools not to penalize students if they were late or missed classes because they were filing a police report after getting groped on their commute.

The notice was sent to educational boards nationwide as Japanese schools begin a new term this month and more students return to classrooms after disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

18-year-old Masami, a student in greater Tokyo who was groped last year on her way to her high school, welcomes the proposal. »

Russian oil exports back above pre-Ukraine war levels as India and China buy 90%

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Russian crude oil exports are back above levels seen before Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, despite the ratcheting up of Western sanctions, new data shows.

India and China now account for 90 per cent of Russia’s seaborne crude oil exports, according to figures shared with The Independent by commodities tracking firm Kpler.

While volumes of Russian oil exports have risen, the heavily discounted rates Moscow is offering to India and China mean revenues are significantly down year-on-year. »