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Friday April 14th, 2023 night edition

image for School choice for some Florida parents with vouchers: no grades, classes or homework

When a Tampa Bay Times reporter asked to observe a day inside the tiny private school, the students considered the request and voted to allow it.

Florida’s new school choice law will allot tuition money for every student seeking education outside a public school — which families are already doing in record numbers.

Yet the curious school stands out even more amid a national “parental rights” movement, which has risen alongside Florida lawmakers’ reshaping of public schools.

In an era of consent forms, lawsuits and school board meetings swarmed with activist moms and dads, Spring Valley parents take a step back.

“(Students) can research anything they want, including social and political issues, and some have, but there’s no curriculum.

The school opened in 1997, modeled after the original Sudbury Valley School founded in Massachusetts in 1968.

Still, it seemed a lot of freedom to figure out, on their own, how to spend every day of a school year lasting nine months. »

The Hague court orders Russia to pay US$5 billion in compensation for Naftogaz's losses in Crimea

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Russia to pay US$5 billion in compensation for losses and lost property suffered by Naftogaz [the largest national oil and gas company of Ukraine – ed.]

As Naftogaz’s press service states, Russia must now comply with this decision in accordance with its obligations under international law.

Quote: "The arbitration tribunal has confirmed that Russia must fully compensate Naftogaz for the losses caused by Russia's illegal seizure of Naftogaz Group's assets in Crimea. »

Americans Are Critical of China’s Global Role – as Well as Its Relationship With Russia

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Republicans and Republican-leaning independents tend to see China’s role in the world in more negative terms than Democrats and Democratic leaners.

Republicans are also more likely to describe all tested problems in the U.S.-China relationship as very serious for the U.S. relative to Democrats.

As with other issues in the U.S.-China relationship, older Americans have more skepticism about the U.S. cooperating with China than younger Americans. »

Republican Uses ‘Great Replacement’ Theory to Justify Abortion Ban

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Erdman’s comments came during debate over a bill that would ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy—before many women know they’re pregnant.

Abortion is part of the theory—extremists argue that the procedure is part of hastening a “white genocide.”.

And Erdman isn’t the first Republican to connect this theory to abortion. »