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Thursday April 13rd, 2023 evening edition

image for The Hague court orders Russia to pay US$5 billion in compensation for Naftogaz's losses in Crimea

Russia to pay US$5 billion in compensation for losses and lost property suffered by Naftogaz [the largest national oil and gas company of Ukraine – ed.]

Source: Naftogaz CEO Oleksii Chernyshov on Facebook.

"I believe that this is not the last decision that will be made in The Hague in favour of our country," Chernyshov wrote.

As Naftogaz’s press service states, Russia must now comply with this decision in accordance with its obligations under international law.

Quote: "The arbitration tribunal has confirmed that Russia must fully compensate Naftogaz for the losses caused by Russia's illegal seizure of Naftogaz Group's assets in Crimea.

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Colorado passes first US right to repair legislation for farmers

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The bill garnered bipartisan support as farmers grew increasingly frustrated with costly repairs and inflated input prices denting their profits.

Colorado's legislation would mandate that farm machinery manufacturers like Deere and rival CNH Industrial (CNHI.MI) provide farmers with diagnostic tools, software documents, and repair manuals starting Jan 1.

A spokesperson for Deere & Co responded to the passage of the bill, saying that it supports farmers right to repair but believes that the legislation is "unnecessary and will carry unintended consequences.". »

China warns Philippines that military ties with US will ‘eventually backfire’

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China has warned the Philippines that expanding military ties with the U.S. will “eventually backfire,” as Manila and Washington appear to grow their partnership with military drills and new American naval bases to be built in the archipelago.

“China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea Islands and the adjacent waters.

Three of those sites will be in the northeastern part of the nation, close to Taiwan in the South China Sea. »

North Korean missile prompts emergency alert by Japan — and confusion

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The North Korean missile flew about 1,000 kilometres, South Korea's military said, calling it a "grave provocation.".

Japan's coast guard said a projectile that appeared to be the missile had fallen into the sea east of North Korea.

On Thursday, a student told Japanese broadcaster NHK that the alert caused momentary alarm at a train station in Hokkaido. »