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Wednesday April 12nd, 2023 morning edition

image for Ukrainian hackers say they have compromised Russian spy who hacked Democrats in 2016

WASHINGTON, April 11 (Reuters) - Ukrainian hackers claim to have broken into the emails of a senior Russian military spy wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for hacking the Hillary Clinton campaign and other senior U.S. Democrats ahead of Donald Trump's election to the presidency in 2016.

Stefan Soesanto, a researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich who has studied Ukrainian hacking groups, said the leak "looks pretty credible," noting that InformNapalm had a history of cross-checking the data it received from hackers.

The Russian Embassy in Washington did not immediately return messages; neither did the FBI.

It wasn't immediately clear what information the hackers had managed to steal or how significant it was.

Morgachev's inbox could potentially hold insight into Russia's hacking operations, including the operation against Clinton and the Democrats.

In its indictment, the FBI described him as an officer in the Russia's military spy agency, still known by its old acronym, GRU.

It said his department was "dedicated to developing and managing malware," including the "X-Agent" spy software used to hack the DNC. »

Gen Z is blowing past other generations saving for retirement

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Gen Z is facing its fair share of financial issues, but it’s also putting past generations to shame when it comes to getting a jump on retirement savings.

Vanguard analyzed the contribution rates of 219 401(k) programs offered by the same employers since 2006, comparing workers to previous generations at the same age.

Younger generations usually have a lower participation rate than older generations; they don’t necessarily have the same knowledge about their retirement savings options, and they typically have less money to save. »

Poland Says Alliance With US 'Absolute Foundation' Of European Security

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The alliance with the United States is "an absolute foundation" of European security, Poland's prime minister said on Tuesday, after controversial remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron about ties with the US and China.

Mateusz Morawiecki, speaking before boarding a plane to begin a US visit, said his country's EU presidency in 2025 would make the partnership with Washington its "main priority".

"Some Western leaders dream of cooperation with everyone, with Russia and with some powers in the Far East," he added, without naming those leaders. »

Portal writer says he’s joking about making Portal 3, doesn’t want to cause strife at Valve

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The co-writer of the Portal games has said he’s mainly joking when he says he wants to make Portal 3, because he doesn’t want to cause strife at Valve.

“But the real reason is that in a flat structure like Valve, there is an opportunity cost to doing anything.

And whatever is going on at Valve right now requires the dedication and participation of the people working on it, and it’s voluntary. »

Truck carrying 40,000 pounds of toxic soil from East Palestine train derailment site crashes on highway

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A truck that was responsible for carrying 40,000 pounds of contaminated soil from East Palestine, Ohio — where a train carrying hazardous materials crashed in February — overturned on Monday.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency said that roughly half of the soil that was on the truck ended up spilling along the highway.

The soil onboard the truck was from the site in East Palestine where a Norfolk Southern train went off the tracks on Feb. 3 as it was carrying numerous hazardous substances. »