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Sunday April 9th, 2023 night edition

image for Police union director fired after opioid smuggling arrest

The executive director for a Northern California police union who was charged with attempting to illegally import synthetic opioids from India and other countries has been fired from her job, officials said Friday.

The police association fired her after completing an initial internal investigation, union officials said in a statement.

Segovia came under investigation in late 2022, officials said in a complaint filed by the Northern District of California, U.S. Attorney's Office.

Segovia was first interviewed by federal investigators in February and continued to allegedly order controlled substances after that.

The complaint alleges that Segovia used her personal and office computers to order thousands of opioid and other pills to her home address.

In addition to using her home to receive packages, Segovia allegedly used her office at the San Jose Police Officers' Association to distribute the pills.

According to her LinkedIn page, Segovia was the executive director of the association for over 19 years, beginning in July 2003. »

Majority of Nashville council members say they will vote to reinstate expelled legislator

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Twenty-three members of the 40-seat Metropolitan Council confirmed to NBC News or on social media that they plan to vote to reinstate Jones to the Legislature.

The council, which currently has 39 members, will hold a special meeting Monday to discuss an interim replacement for Jones' seat.

Democratic state Rep. Justin Jones of Nashville gestures during a vote on his expulsion from the state legislature in Nashville, Tenn., on Thursday. »

Black unemployment rate hits record low 5 percent

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The Black unemployment rate sank to a record low 5 percent in March, a testament to the economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic.

Just three years ago, the Black unemployment rate had spiked to reached a pandemic high of 16.8 percent, compared to the record White unemployment rate of 14.1 percent.

For now, the record low Black unemployment rate is also a win for the Federal Reserve, which has been accused of widening economic inequality. »

Twitter lifts restrictions on Russian government accounts

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Twitter has lifted restrictions on accounts linked to the Russian government that were put in place last April after the full-scale Russian invasion.

Last April, in the weeks after Russian troops entered Ukraine, Twitter said it would "not amplify or recommend government accounts belonging to states that limit access to free information and are engaged in armed interstate conflict", saying the policy would instantly apply to Russian government accounts.

Twitter also lifted restrictions on Russian and Chinese state media accounts last week, among them RT and the Global Times, introduced in 2020. »

Germany woos India as an ally against Russia – DW – 02

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While the Western alliance expected such a stance from autocratic China, the behavior of democratic India was a major disappointment.

It also meant that India, which Germany sees as a "strategic partner", was on the "wrong" side of this elementary question of international law.

Military parade in New Delhi featuring BrahMos guided weapons jointly developed by India and Russia Image: Stringer/ Photoshot/picture alliance. »