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Friday March 31st, 2023 night edition

image for Russia puts Hungary on ‘unfriendly countries’ list, says envoy

The diplomat said, “Hungary has signed up to all the anti-Russian sanctions packages of Brussels” and is “forced to comply with them.”.

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Therefore, it has been classified the Kremlin as “an unfriendly country,” he said.

However, Stanislavov said that Hungary “adheres to a pragmatic position” which it “is not going to abandon yet even under the pressure of its allies in the European Union and NATO.”.

On July 22, 2022, Russia included Greece, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, and Slovakia on the list of “unfriendly countries.”.

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Orbán also supported China’s controversial “peace plan,” which has been criticized by Ukraine, the United States and the European Union. »

Some Switzerland residents can now legally buy recreational cannabis in pharmacies

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Decades after pioneering prescription heroin and safe injection sites, Switzerland is now experimenting with decriminalising recreational cannabis.

Currently, cannabis is legal for medical use in the country, but only in extreme cases, such as pain relief for cancer patients.

"People are happy, since for the first time they can buy it legally," said Lucas Meister, a pharmacist at one of the participating pharmacies. »

25 Employees Walk Out After Pennsylvania Restaurant Owner Names Drinks ‘The Negro’ And ‘The Caucasian’

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Dozens of employees walked out from a bar and restaurant establishment in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, after the owner created a menu that featured drinks named after racial terms.

Many employees who expressed their frustration on social media said Hoffman wanted them to serve drinks with names such as “The Caucasian” and “The Negro.”.

The post 25 Employees Walk Out After Pennsylvania Restaurant Owner Names Drinks ‘The Negro’ And ‘The Caucasian’ appeared first on Blavity. »

Report: Ubisoft Paris workers allege crunch culture, “morally and physically exhausting” development

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An investigation by NME has found that Ubisoft Paris – the studio behind Just Dance – has allegedly suffered from crunch culture, demanding management and disputes with Ubisoft headquarters.

Last week, French union Solidaires Informatique’s Ubisoft Paris alleged that Just Dance 2023 burned out ten per cent of its developers, and involved monthly rates of sick leave.

While Ubisoft declined to comment on the claims, a representative from Solidaires Informatique’s Ubisoft Paris branch alleged the statistics were an accurate minimum figure, but in reality may be higher. »

Raymond, Minnesota, train derailment: Cars carrying ethanol rupture and ignite. Now crews assess 3 more cars with highly flammable material

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The train, operated by BNSF Railway, derailed around 1 a.m. Homes within a half-mile of the derailment were evacuated, the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office said.

Both freight trains were carrying highly flammable and potentially toxic chemicals, such as vinyl chloride in Ohio and ethanol in Minnesota.

But it’s still not clear what may have been mixed with the ethanol on the train that derailed in Minnesota. »