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Monday March 27th, 2023 night edition

image for Busy Saturday: House passes Trans Health Equity Act, advances price-gouging and data protections, backs a new state spirit

The Maryland House of Delegates voted Saturday to approve the Trans Health Equity Act — a bill that just a year ago disappeared from the chamber’s agenda ahead of a floor vote.

Delegates debated the legislation for about 25 minutes early Saturday afternoon before passing the measure 93-37.

Kaiser said she thought it was important to serve as a voice for the trans community in the chamber.

“And that’s part of the reason I feel the passion and the connection to our trans brothers and sisters.”.

Republicans in the chamber introduced a couple of amendments to attempt to curtail the legislation, but those were voted down.

The companies would also be required to consider how their products affect children’s privacy, health, safety and mental health.

The House of Delegates unanimously approved House Bill 178 which would make Maryland Rye Whiskey the official state spirit. »

Texas Republicans propose creation of vigilante group to hunt migrants at the border that will have immunity from prosecution

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Republican lawmakers in Texas want to create a state security force to patrol the US-Mexico border that critics have characterised as a "vigilante death squad policy.".

The bill — House Bill 20 — would allow Texas' Department of Public Safety to hunt, arrest, and deport undocumented migrants.

The members of the group would also be extended immunity from criminal prosecution relating to their actions on the border. »

Female Game Devs Open Up About Harassment And Drink Spiking At GDC

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Recently GDC has become a hub for harassment, assault, and drink spiking, and multiple game developers have stepped forward to voice their concerns.

Harassment, Assault, And Drink Spiking At The Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Game dev and writer Leena also had the same to say about the drink spiking and harassment at GDC. »

News anchor 'taken off air' for quoting Snoop Dogg during live broadcast

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A US news anchor has reportedly been taken off air after quoting Snoop Dog during a live TV broadcast.

The hosts were discussing the rapper and musician’s Cali wine range, when the presenters raised the idea of collaborating with him.

The saying was popularised by Snoop Dogg and features in his 2002 song 'Suited ’n’ Booted'. »