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Saturday March 25th, 2023 evening edition

image for Zelenskyy says he wants to talk to Xi Jinping, but didn't receive return offer

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said he sent a straight message through diplomatic channels that he wanted to talk to Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Source: Zelenskyy, in an interview with a Japanese news agency Yomiuri.

Quote from Zelenskyy: "I did not get a proposal from China to mediate.

I also, by diplomatic channels, gave straight messages that I want to speak with the leader of China.".

Details: Zelenskyy voiced scepticism about China's 12-point proposal calling for a ceasefire and peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, saying that "respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity" should come first.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine believes that China will care for its own interests and will not provide any military assistance to the Russian regime.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping visited Russia, where he met with Vladimir Putin and signed agreements to continue the strategic partnership between the two countries. »

Kansas City Police targeted minority neighborhoods to meet illegal ticket quotas, lawsuit says

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Kansas City Police leaders allegedly ordered officers to target minority neighborhoods to meet ticket quotas — telling them to be “ready to kill everybody in the car” — and to only respond to calls for help in white neighborhoods.

“This directive came straight from the then-Chief of Police Richard Smith,” he alleged in the suit.

Although leaders acknowledged that ticket quotas were illegal, they set a requirement of 1,820 tickets annually for each officer, the lawsuit alleges. »

Video Game Writer Chris Avellone’s Accusers Issue Public Statement Retracting Allegations Of Sexual Assault

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Back in June of 2021 I reported on video game writer Chris Avellone’s libel lawsuit against two women who had accused Avellone of sexual assault on Twitter.

Avellone’s accusers, Karissa Barrows and Kelly Bristol, have signed a joint statement retracting their previous claims on social media and clearing Avellone of any wrongdoing.

In a blog post titled “Joint Statement From Karissa Barrows, Kelly Bristol,and Chris Avellone” Avellone writes:. »

Lauren Boebert Says She Wants To Abolish the Department of Education

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Lauren Boebert has called for the Department of Education to be abolished as part of a bid to get "the federal government completely out of public schools.".

During the debate, Boebert suggested she would like to go further and end federal involvement in education.

Lauren Boebert, an expert on education, says she wants to abolish the Dept of Education and end federal funding for public schools. — Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) March 24, 2023. »

Police sue rapper Afroman for "humiliation" and "loss of reputation" after he used footage of home raid to make new music and videos

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There were "dozens" of videos and images across numerous social media platforms, they said, that "clearly portray" their images and likeness.

Videos posted by Foreman show police breaking down his door as they entered the home wielding weapons.

We are planning to counter sue for the unlawful raid, money being stolen, and for the undeniable damage this had on my clients family, career and property. »