Parisians rioting against pension reform.

Image from and submitted by Calimhero
image showing Parisians rioting against pension reform.

InflamedLiver on March 18th, 2023 at 01:17 UTC »

for all the shit people give the French for being cowards, nobody stands up against thier own government like the French.

roraverse on March 18th, 2023 at 01:38 UTC »

Ain't no protest like a French protest, cause a French protest don't stop.

Bamatoi on March 18th, 2023 at 05:49 UTC »

This need context:

Disclamer : I'm french and ( like most) against this reform

What: this reform is raising the MINIMUM (<- this word is important) retirement age and was passed by force by our current gouvernement ( ie: no vote from parlement)

Most french currently retire at 65-66, 62 is not the norm here! The minimum retirement age is aimed at physical laborers if they have worked from 20 to 62 without any interruption (ie unemployement) those people due to their work have a lower life expectancy and lingering health issues due to their work. Even now a significant pourcentage of them die before retirement.

This reform is discriminatory against them, they paid their whole life to get a pension and will most likely die before their contribution being paid back entirely ( pension made a "profit"). On the other end you have high paying jobs with much longer life expectancy retirering at 65-67, their pension is higher and will need to be paid longer as they live longer( the pension fund most likely paid back more than it received). As an engineer myself i have no problem working longer if our system runs at a deficit, i'm not wrecking my body sitting all day in the office, getting well payed and can enjoy more a more expensive lifestyle.

This reform only target the poorest of our workers to solve a problem they didn't cause, the fact that this reform is getting pushed forward by circumventing the voting process is the cherry on top of the shitcake. This is why the french are currently protesting , not because we want sunshine and rainbows like some suggest but because the method to solve the issue is discriminatory.