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Friday March 17th, 2023 day edition

image for Amazon sued for not telling New York store customers about facial recognition

Amazon did not alert its New York City customers that they were being monitored by facial recognition technology, a lawsuit filed Thursday alleges.

Thanks to a 2021 law, New York is the only major American city to require businesses to post signs if they’re tracking customers’ biometric information, such as facial scans or fingerprints.

Amazon introduced its Go stores in 2018, promising that customers could walk in, take whatever products they wanted off the shelves and leave without checking out.

It opened its first New York location the following year, and has 10 stores, all in Manhattan, according to its website.

The lawsuit says that Amazon only recently put up signs informing New York customers of its use of facial recognition technology, more than a year after the disclosure law went into effect.

A man uses his smartphone to enter an Amazon Go convenience store in New York, on Jan. 28, 2022.

For Amazon Go to successfully track its customers and the items they take, it has to continuously monitor their bodies, the lawsuit says. »

Gov. Whitmer signs bill expanding Michigan civil rights law to include LGBTQ protections

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Gov. Whitmer signs bill expanding Michigan civil rights law to include LGBTQ protections.

Since her first term in office, Whitmer has called for lawmakers to expand the state's civil rights law to include protections for Michigan's LGBTQ community.

SB 4 would essentially codify Michigan court rulings that found that the state's civil rights law offers protections for LGBTQ individuals. »

Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Critical Race Theory

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Republican lawmakers in Arizona have attempted to ban critical race theory three times so far.

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) recently vetoed a Republican-backed education bill that would ban public K-12 schools from teaching critical race theory (CRT) to students.

Previous Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) had signed a CRT ban into law in 2021, but that bill was later voided by the Arizona Supreme Court as unconstitutional. »

Sloth bites teen during visit to Michigan pet store, ruining lifelong dream

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SAGINAW TWP, MI — Last month, a Saginaw Township teen girl was about to have a dream realized by interacting with a sloth at a local exotic pet store.

Every Sunday, the business hosts a Sloth Encounter Experience, wherein visitors can interact with and take photos with a Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth named Sid.

Amarianna did not initially recognize the bite’s damage, only discovering it when she and her mom returned to their vehicle. »

English professor in Florida says university terminated his contract after complaint over his racial justice unit

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A former English professor at Florida’s Palm Beach Atlantic University says the school terminated his contract early after a complaint that he was “indoctrinating” students by teaching about racial justice.

Sam Joeckel told CNN in a Wednesday statement he felt the university ended his contract early “for a clear reason: my decision to teach and speak about racial justice.”.

The former professor told CNN at the time February’s conversation with his employers indicated the investigation was prompted by a complaint from a parent. »