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Wednesday March 15th, 2023 evening edition

image for GOP Group Puts Tucker Carlson's Putin Love Affair On Full Display In New Video

A conservative group has highlighted Tucker Carlson’s affinity for spreading Russian propaganda in a new video.

The Fox News host has made a habit of leaning into Kremlin talking points and conspiracy theories since Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

Days before the war began, Carlson infamously defended Putin and said that Ukraine was “not a democracy.”

Carlson’s mimicry has been so on point that on multiple occasions excerpts from his broadcasts have ended up on Russian state-sponsored TV.

The Republican Accountability Project put Carlson on blast in a new video, showing 96 seconds of the Fox News host “parroting Putin”:.

We present one and a half minutes of Tucker Carlson parroting Vladimir Putin.

New video from RAP: — Republican Accountability (@AccountableGOP) March 14, 2023. »

Florida man serving 400-year prison sentence walks free after being exonerated of robbery charge

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Man ordered to serve 400 years for 1989 armed robbery in Broward goes free Man ordered to serve 400 years for 1989 armed robbery in Broward goes free 02:28.

A man who served more than three decades of a 400-year prison sentence for armed robbery charges was freed Monday after being exonerated.

The nonprofit OIC of South Florida is set to help Holmes with reintegration services along with job training and placement. »

Russian army to be replenished with 400,000 new contract service personnel

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The Russian Defence Ministry will start new recruitment of professional soldiers to the Russian army from 1 April, their aim being to add 400,000 new recruits to the army.

Radio Svoboda noticed that several Russian regional media outlets immediately published the total number of contract service personnel needed to replenish the Russian army. »

Indie dev accused of using stolen FromSoftware animations removes them, warns others against trusting marketplace assets

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The makers of the indie soulslike Bleak Faith: Forsaken have removed assets that were allegedly lifted from FromSoftware games (opens in new tab).

Archangel Studios denied the accusations of theft, saying the assets in question were purchased fair and square from the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

"The utilization of stolen assets is unacceptable, and we hope other indie creators won’t ever find themselves caught up in a similar situation. »