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Monday March 13rd, 2023 morning edition

image for New poll suggests Ron DeSantis’ 'anti-woke' crusade will backfire

Just 39% agreed with a negative definition: “to be overly politically correct and police others’ words.”.

“Florida is where woke goes to die,” DeSantis crowed when he was sworn in for a second term earlier this year.

But if most Americans believe “woke” is a positive term, why would they want a president to suffocate it, and replace it with autocratic power grabs and far right curricula?

DeSantis won his gubernatorial reelection handily, but he might be a little high on his own supply.

DeSantis’ increasingly draconian measures give Americans plenty of opportunities to examine exactly what killing “wokeness” entails, beyond the rapturous admiration of GOP primary voters.

As Ipsos pollster Cliff Young told USA Today, “Most Americans understand that to be woke is to be tuned in to injustices around us.”

But in fact, he’s out of touch with Americans and American families, and that is the most important thing to know about his presidential aspirations. »

Most Britons think housing Ukrainian refugees is a good thing, study shows

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Detailed polling from More in Common, a civil society organisation, found that 88% of people who took in refugees from Ukraine would do so again, while just 3% said they would not.

It also found that 68% of Britons believe the fact that the UK has taken in more than 150,000 refugees from Ukraine is a good thing, and only 17% think it is a bad thing.

The findings come amid controversy over Rishi Sunak’s policy of detaining and deporting refugees who try to cross the Channel in small boats. »

Police: Hand found in NYC woods belonged to woman buried in nearby cemetery

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March 11 (UPI) -- A human hand spotted by a dog walker this week in a wooded area of New York City's Staten Island belonged to a woman who was buried at a nearby cemetery, police said Saturday.

Using fingerprint analysis, the hand was identified as belonging to a woman who died in 2011 at the age of 63 and was buried at Staten Island's Resurrection Cemetery, police say.

Police are not sure how the hand arrived in the woods from the cemetery, which is located approximately one mile from the location where the hand was discovered. »

Moldova police say they foiled Russia-backed unrest plot

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Moldovan police said on Sunday they have foiled a plot by groups of Russia-backed actors who were specially trained to cause mass unrest during a protest the same day in the capital against the country's new pro-Western government.

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — Police in Moldova said they foiled a plot by groups of Russia-backed actors who were trained to cause mass unrest during a Sunday protest against the country’s new pro-Western government. »

Russian Hackers Leak STALKER 2 Game Material and Demand Changes from GCS Game World

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The Ukrainian game studio, GSC Game World, responsible for developing the game now faces a new challenge as it prepares for its 2023 release.

In exchange for not releasing “tens of gigabytes” of unreleased game material, GSC Game World has until March 15 to meet the hackers’ demands.

GSC Game World, a Ukrainian studio that created the original STALKER games, is currently developing the game. »