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Saturday March 11st, 2023 evening edition

image for Houston woman held captive inside locked trailer for 4 years, prosecutors say

A 42-year-old Houston man has been charged with kidnapping, accused of holding a woman captive in a locked trailer for several years, according to court records.

The woman was rescued by deputies on Wednesday.

Abraham Bravo Segura did "intentionally and knowingly abduct" the victim, and held her in "a place where the Complainant was not likely to be found," court documents said.

During a probable cause hearing on Thursday, a Harris County prosecutor alleged the woman was "locked" in the boarded-up trailer for "approximately four years," according to courtroom video obtained by KTRK-TV.

While Segura was at work, the victim was able to call the police for help from inside the trailer in North Houston, according to KTRK.

All the trailer's exits were blocked with burglary bars on the windows, and Harris County Sheriff's deputies found three handguns inside, KTRK reported.

At the hearing, Segura disagreed with the allegations against him and asked the hearing officer more than once "if he could defend himself," reported KTRK. »

Canada rules that flipping the middle finger is a 'God-given' right

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Canada rules that flipping the middle finger is a 'God-given' right.

A Canadian judge ruled last month that giving someone the finger is protected under the country's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Naccache accused Epstein of startling him and making vulgar gestures, like a raised middle finger and a throat-slitting motion. »

Biden Tax Boost Targeting the Rich Called 'Fair, Popular, and Long Overdue'

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Biden also "proposes to reform the international tax system to reduce the incentives to book profits in low-tax jurisdictions, stop corporate inversions to tax havens, and raise the tax rate on U.S. multinationals' foreign earnings from 10.5% to 21%," according to a White House fact sheet.

"The tax policies laid out in this budget are fair, popular, and long overdue," she declared.

Responding on Twitter, Biden said that "extreme MAGA House Republicans are showing us what they value: tax breaks for the rich. »

Tampa Florida Woman Makes $300 An Hour As A Topless Maid

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But rather than deliver food or drive people around, Sammi, a Tampa Florida Woman, has discovered her talent.

And the $300 to be a topless maid is actually a fair rate when you think about it.

Joe Winner spends his days combing through memes and off beat stories to bring you the side of Florida not always seen. »

9th grader sues over Pledge of Allegiance confrontation

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Marissa said she was walking quietly to class and decided not to stop for the pledge or a moment of silence that followed.

A state law passed more than 30 years ago requires public schools to play the Pledge of Allegiance at a specific time every day. »