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Wednesday March 8th, 2023 night edition

image for CT math teacher arrested after making 5th-grader faint while demonstrating chokehold

A staff member at a school in Norwalk, Connecticut was arrested after a fifth-grade student lost consciousness after she demonstrated a chokehold.

NORWALK, Connecticut -- A staff member at a school in Connecticut was arrested after police say a fifth-grade student lost consciousness when she demonstrated a chokehold maneuver.

Stefanie Sanabria, 50, was working as a math coach at Brookside Elementary School back in February when officials say she performed the martial arts move on three students.

"They were demonstrating jujitsu moves to some of the students in the class who had volunteered to do that," Lieutenant Joseph Dinho of Norwalk Police said.

An arrest warrant was issued for Sanabria and she was arrested at her home a week later.

With the assistance of the Norwalk Police Department, we determined that a teacher was demonstrating defensive holds to students, and a student fainted during that demonstration.

Investigators are looking into how a math lesson could have turned into a martial arts class or even a self-defense demonstration, using something as controversial as a chokehold. »

China warns U.S. to stop suppression or risk 'conflict'

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"The United States' perception and views of China are seriously distorted," said Qin, a trusted aide to President Xi Jinping and until recently China's ambassador in Washington.

"It regards China as its primary rival and the most consequential geopolitical challenge.

"We aim to compete and we aim to win that competition with China but we absolutely want to keep it at that level.". »

Average selling price of games rose nearly 7% in the UK last year

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In terms of full-game downloads, data firm Omdia estimates that the average selling price was £15.19 last year, which is a rise of 7.3% year-on-year.

Since started reporting these numbers in 2017, the average selling price of games has risen by 12%.

The increased cost of games has become most apparent with the rise to £70 in the UK for major AAA titles. »

'Bulls---': GOP senators rebuke Tucker Carlson for downplaying Jan. 6 as 'mostly peaceful'

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I was down there and I saw maybe a few tourists, a few people who got caught up in things,” he added.

“The program conveniently cherry-picked from the calmer moments of our 41,000 hours of video,” Manger wrote in the letter, obtained by NBC News.

“The commentary fails to provide context about the chaos and violence that happened before or during these less tense moments.”. »

Alligator believed to have been stolen from a zoo more than 20 years ago returns to same zoo

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An alligator believed to have been stolen from a Texas zoo more than 20 years ago has been returned to the zoo it was allegedly taken from.

It is alleged that the volunteer stole either an egg or young alligator hatchling decades ago, put it in her pocket and kept it as a pet.

Employees from the zoo, which is in New Braunfels near San Antonio, traveled about 50 miles to the woman's house to retrieve the alligator. »