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Monday March 6th, 2023 night edition

image for Calls to boycott Walgreens grow as pharmacy confirms it will not sell abortion pills in 20 states, including some where it remains legal

Last month, 20 Republican attorneys general told Walgreens it could face legal action if it sold abortion pills in some states.

Walgreens told Politico it will not sell the pills in those states, which includes some where abortion is legal.

"Walgreens" and "#BoycottWalgreens" were trending on Twitter Thursday and Friday as users reacted to the policy.

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Walgreens confirmed Thursday that it will not carry abortion pills in several states, including some in which the pills are still legal.

That group includes Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, and Montana, where the procedure and medications for abortions are largely still legal, Politico reported.

At the time, Walgreens told Insider that it was working to become FDA-certified to sell abortion pills in the states where they are legal. »

Israelis rally again against government's judicial overhaul

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However, footage released by police later showed protesters breaking down barriers in Tel Aviv and igniting fires as they blocked roads.

"I came to demonstrate against the regime revolution, which the Israeli government forced upon us," 53-year-old history teacher Ronen Cohen told Reuters.

[1/5] An aerial view shows Israelis demonstrating as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's nationalist coalition government presses on with its contentious judicial overhaul, in Tel Aviv, Israel March 4, 2023. »

Sources: Yes "Counter-Strike 2" Is Real And It's Round The Corner

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It has been such a frequent occurrence that it has become the subject of jokes and memes within the community.

However the rumour mill had gathered extra steam at the end of February when Valve’s official CS:GO Twitter account changed its banner.

The sources confirmed that this would be the case and that this feature would likely be ready at the launch of the beta. »

Russian Ship Loaded With Military Equipment Enters Black Sea

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Russian Ship Loaded With Military Equipment Enters Black Sea A Russian cargo ship slipped quietly into the Black Sea with a suspected load of war supplies for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Although Turkey closed the waterway between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea to Russian warships, the flow of military supplies continues.

A fresh shipment of military equipment appears to have slipped into the Black Sea for delivery to a Russian base. »