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Saturday March 4th, 2023 night edition

image for Last-known Californian in prison for federal cannabis charges released after 15 years

One Bay Area man is finally free after serving 15 years in prison for opening a licensed medical cannabis shop.

He is the last known Californian to be released from prison for a federal medical cannabis charge.

It's been just 20 days since Scarmazzo was released, and he's still adjusting to his life back in Modesto.

He crunches up Doritos to top his salad, a trick he picked up while serving nearly 15 years of a 22-year federal sentence.

In 2004 Scarmazzo and his business partner opened the first licensed medical cannabis store in the Central Valley.

Over the next 15 years he was transferred to several federal prisons across the country, an experience he describes as traumatic.

"It's very important to me to make sure I get everyone incarcerated for cannabis out of prison," said Scarmazzo. »

No jail time for woman who admitted having sex with 13-year-old, having his baby

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A 31-year-old woman who admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old boy and then becoming pregnant with his child won’t face any jail time under a plea deal with prosecutors.

Serrano gave birth to the baby boy after she admitted to having sex with the 13-year-old.

The mother of the victim told KKTV she is not happy with the deal offered to a woman she says ruined her son’s life. »