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Wednesday March 1st, 2023 night edition

image for How to help young people limit screen time — and feel better about how they look

Now, a new study, published Thursday by the American Psychological Association, validates what some parents have experienced when their teenagers cut back: They seem to feel better about themselves.

Social media can feel like a comparison trap, says study author Helen Thai, a doctoral student in psychology at McGill University.

Her research found that limiting screen time to about one hour a day helped anxious teens and young adults feel better about their body image and their appearance.

"What I noticed when I was engaging in social media was that I couldn't help but compare myself," Thai says.

Half of the participants were asked to reduce their social media to 60 minutes a day for three weeks, Thai says.

Graham says it's encouraging that college students were willing to cut back screen time, even for three weeks.

"This provides some evidence that it may be feasible to engage this age group in reducing social media use," she says. »

DPS sent at least 3,000 driver’s licenses to organized crime group targeting Asian Texans

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The Texas Department of Public Safety was duped into shipping at least 3,000 Texas driver’s licenses to a Chinese organized crime group that targeted Asian Texans, DPS Director Steve McCraw told a Texas House committee on Monday.

The organization was then selling the licenses, obtained using the personal information of Texas drivers, to people in the country illegally, McCraw said.

The agency, which discovered the scheme in December, will begin notifying victims in letters to be sent out this week, the DPS chief said. »

Over 500 students are at the Supreme Court to plug Biden's student-loan forgiveness because the 'economic mobility of over 40 million Americans is dependent on the survival of this program'

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The Supreme Court will hear arguments and likely make a final decision on the relief in May or June.

The steps of the Supreme Court will be flooded on Tuesday with students, borrowers, and advocates as President Joe Biden's student-loan forgiveness plan enters the chamber.

All eyes now turn to the conservative-majority Supreme Court, which will likely make a final ruling on Biden's debt relief in May or June. »

Future Fords Could Repossess Themselves and Drive Away if You Miss Payments

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It describes several ways to make the life of somebody who has missed several car payments harder.

If it isn't, then the car could, without the owner being aware, repossess itself or drive somewhere nearby to avoid a confrontation with the repossessor.

Let's hope, for the sake of anybody who has ever missed a few car payments, it stays that way. »

Kremlin, on China Plan, Says No Conditions for Peace ‘At the Moment’ in Ukraine

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China has sought to position itself as a neutral party in the conflict while maintaining close ties with strategic ally Russia.

Beijing last week called for peace talks as it released a 12-point paper to end the war in Ukraine, which included respect of all countries' territorial sovereignty.

Zelensky also said he was convinced that only a country whose territory is under attack can initiate "any peace initiatives.". »