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Wednesday March 1st, 2023 day edition

image for Cartoonists say a rebuke of 'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams is long overdue

Cartoonists say a rebuke of 'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams is long overdue.

Cartoonists across the country are applauding editors and publishers for condemning Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, after his recent tirade against Black Americans.

Hundreds of newspapers, including The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times, announced they will no longer carry Adams' work.

Adams went on to accuse Black Americans of being "a hate group" and advised white people to "get the hell away" from them.

But cartoonists say Adams has a long history of spewing problematic views.

In the past, Adams has inaccurately described people who are not vaccinated against COVID as the real "winners" of the pandemic.

"I say it all the time: Cats have better representation on the comics page than people of color," Knight said. »

Amy Coney Barrett joins liberal Supreme Court justices in scrutinizing a student-loan company's involvement in one of the lawsuits blocking Biden's debt relief

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Amy Coney Barrett questioned whether a group of GOP-led states have standing to block Biden's student-debt relief.

The court's three liberal justices also focused on standing during Tuesday's oral arguments.

Barrett scrutinized the relationship between Missouri and MOHELA, repeatedly questioning whether the states could sue the Biden administration over the debt relief. »

Mississippi governor signs bill banning transgender health care for minors

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Mississippi on Tuesday became the seventh state to enact a restriction on certain transition-related health care for minors.

In addition to barring this type of care for minors, Mississippi’s bill also bans public funding from going to any institution or individual that provides such care to minors.

The law also allows minors who receive transition-related care to sue providers for 30 years after they receive care. »

Lori Lightfoot becomes the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to lose re-election

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CHICAGO — Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her bid for re-election Tuesday, ending her historic run as the city’s first Black woman and first openly gay person to serve in the position.

Paul Vallas, a former CEO of Chicago schools, will face Brandon Johnson, a Cook County commissioner endorsed by the Chicago Teachers Union.

Lightfoot is the first incumbent elected Chicago mayor to lose re-election since 1983, when Jane Byrne, the city's first female mayor, lost her primary. »

IO Interactive is developing a new online fantasy RPG

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And more importantly, it has allowed us to build a bond with our community that has supported us ever since.

We are building a new world, a new IP – an online fantasy RPG.

From the “Fighting Fantasy” books compelling you to choose your path, alone, against wizards, lizards, and thief kings. »