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Monday February 27th, 2023 day edition

image for East Palestine, Ohio train derailment: Shipments of contaminated waste to resume Monday

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved resuming shipments of contaminated liquid and soil out of East Palestine, Ohio, where a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed earlier this month.

“Norfolk Southern will also beghin shipping solid waste to the Heritage Incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio.”.

Until Friday, Norfolk Southern was “solely responsible” for disposing of waste from the train derailment, Shore said Saturday, but waste disposal plans “will be subject to EPA review and approval moving forward.”.

The NTSB is currently holding 11 railcars as part of its investigation into the derailment, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said in a statement Sunday.

In a Saturday update on the removal of contaminated waste, DeWine said 20 truckloads of hazardous solid waste had been hauled away from the Ohio derailment site.

On Thursday, Texas Molecular told CNN it had been hired to dispose of potentially dangerous water from the Ohio train derailment.

A view of the site of the derailment of a train carrying hazardous waste in East Palestine, Ohio, February 23, 2023. »

Most Americans Think House Republicans Aren’t Investigating Real Problems

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Congressional Investigations Most Americans Think House Republicans Aren’t Investigating Real Problems PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY EMILY SCHERER / GETTY IMAGES.

The GOP just took control of the House of the Representatives, and there’s a Democratic president in the White House.

So while some Republicans will no doubt cheer the House GOP’s investigative zeal, the inquiries will probably seem to most Americans like more political noise. »

Volodymyr Zelenskyy predicts Putin will fall to own people: Russians will 'find a reason to kill the killer'

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Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime will fall to an uprising from his own people, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy predicted this week.

In it, Zelenskyy predicts that the Russian people will "find a reason" to overthrow Putin's regime.

"There will certainly be a moment when the fragility of Putin's regime is felt in Russia," Zelenskyy says in the documentary, according to Business Insider. »

Teacher Charged After Crypto Mining Operation Discovered in School Crawl Space

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A Massachusetts teacher is facing charges after authorities say he carried out an elaborate cryptocurrency mining operation out of the school where he worked.

The excessive number of computers, electrical wires, and temporary duct work prompted Cohasset Police Detectives to be called to the school and “investigate a report of a possible Crypto Currency mining operation that was discovered in a remote crawl space under the school,” Cohasset Police Chief William Quigly said in a statement to Gizmodo.

Police were alerted by the town’s IT director and requested the assistance of the U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service and the Department of Homeland Security to investigate the crawl space under the school. »

A fungus wiped out 3.5 billion American chestnut trees. Scientists believe genetically-engineered blight-resistant trees will bring them back

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Getting the exact genetic combination you want from a cross of two plants may require hundreds or even thousands of crosses.

It has been almost a century, for instance, that plant breeders have been working on the American chestnut tree.

The American chestnut was hugely common, commprising an estimated 25 percent of all our hardwood trees. »