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Sunday February 26th, 2023 night edition

image for Residents near Ohio train derailment diagnosed with ailments associated with chemical exposure, including bronchitis

Residents and workers near the site where a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed this month have been diagnosed with bronchitis and other conditions that doctors and nurses suspect are linked to chemical exposure.

A family from Pennsylvania inspects the wreckage of the Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio on Feb. 19, 2023.

Yang's employees resumed work on Feb. 13, he said, but after about two days, they “started dropping like flies.”.

A plume of smoke rises from a Norfolk Southern train that derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, on Feb. 4.

“Whenever you burn chlorinated compounds, you get really nasty materials that are capable of causing chemical bronchitis,” Balmes said.

The Ohio Department of Health Assessment Clinic mobile unit outside First Church of Christ in East Palestine, Ohio on Feb. 21.

The view from Wendy Snyder's window on Feb. 3, the night of the train derailment in in East Palestine, Ohio. »

REI to stop selling clothes, cookware with 'forever chemicals'

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Sumner, Washington-based REI has announced it will stop selling items that contain "forever chemicals" used in waterproof clothing and camping cookware.

They are present in most of the waterproof clothing and cookware sold in the U.S., including at REI stores.

REI aims to have all cookware and apparel sold in its stores free of PFAS by fall of 2024. »

Is 'the husband stitch' a medical myth? Women speak out about their experience.

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It sounds like a crude joke: A doctor stitches up a woman extra tight following childbirth while throwing a wink at her husband.

Some women claim that the under-the-radar stitch left them in immense pain, and with a lack of trust in their medical provider.

Teen adds that there are steps to take should a doctor do a husband stitch following the birth. »