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Saturday February 25th, 2023 night edition

image for Tennessee Republicans Vote to Make Drag Shows Felonies

Tennessee is just one procedural vote away from becoming the first state to effectively ban public drag performances in the state, setting the stage for a potentially precedent-setting free speech battle in the courts.

If signed by Republican Governor Bill Lee, Tennessee will become the first state to criminalize drag shows in public from a list of more than a dozen states to have sought similar bans.

"This is a common-sense, child safety bill, and I appreciate your support," Republican Representative Chris Todd—one of the bill's sponsors—said ahead of the vote Thursday.

LGBTQ advocates and others, however, have described the bills as unconstitutional restrictions on their freedom of speech and expression.

The first drag ban has passed in Tennessee, and goes to the governors desk.

In this case, opponents of the bills said, bans on drag shows and, in particular, bans on things like drag story hours are unconstitutional at their core.

Because Drag Queen Story Hour intentionally promotes a message of diversity and inclusion, any law banning it discriminates based on viewpoint.". »

Lithuania's prime minister says Ukrainians should get all the weapons they want because they are dying for Europe's safety: 'We're just losing some money'

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That's why Ukraine should get the weapons it needs, including offensive weapons, she said.

Ukraine's allies should support Ukraine with whatever weapons it needs because Ukrainians are dying to protect Europe from Russia, Lithuania's prime minister said in an interview with Insider.

Ingrida Šimonytė spoke to Insider on the eve of the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. »

A dying baby turtle survived after drifting 4,000 miles to Ireland

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The family worked quickly to try to save the young loggerhead turtle, which had already defied nearly impossible odds.

Less than a year old, the female loggerhead survived a months-long journey across the Atlantic Ocean, teeming with dangers including predators and plastic.

Although she was still alive, the turtle was dehydrated, massively underweight and suffering from hypothermia that had left her nearly paralyzed. »

Gunmen Shoot Toddler, Mother and 5 Teens Near Philadelphia School

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Philadelphia Police are searching for three gunmen who shot a mother, her 2-year-old daughter and five teenagers near a Philadelphia school early Thursday evening.

"There were some people inside of a vehicle, some people on the sidewalk, when the shooters approached," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said.

Philadelphia Police are searching for three gunmen who shot a 2-year-old girl, her mother and five teenagers near a school in the city's Strawberry Mansion neighborhood. »

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Earns $850 Million, Sells More Than 12 Million Units in First Two Weeks

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As Variety previously reported, “Hogwarts Legacy” opened with stunning player engagement, topping 267 million hours played from launch on Feb. 10 through Feb. 21.

On Thursday, Warner Bros. Games revealed the game had broken company records with 280 million hours played to date.

“Hogwarts Legacy” sales figures were released by Warner Bros. Games just ahead of parent company Warner Bros. »