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Thursday February 23rd, 2023 day edition

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A 57-year-old flying instructor died during a circuit flight over Blackpool Airport after suffering cardiac arrest in the air last summer.

According to a newly published safety report about the incident, the pilot he was accompanying didn’t notice his death — or rather, thought the dead man was pulling a prank on him.

The incident occurred on June 29, 2022, when the pilot asked the instructor to accompany him on the flight.

The instructor agreed to fit in the short flight after he finished a lesson and later boarded the four-person Piper PA-28 plane.

The pilot recalls that the last thing he heard the instructor say was “looks good, there is nothing behind you,” just before takeoff.

“The pilot still thought the instructor was just joking with him and continued to fly the approach,” according to the report.

The instructor also had a history of hypertension and had been taking blood pressure medication since 2002, the report details. »

US considers intelligence release on China's potential arms transfer

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Though the US reportedly has intelligence that China intends on transferring arms to Russia, it is still unclear what kind of weapons China will hand over.

China's Foreign Ministry said any potential intelligence on arms transfer by China to Russia that the US plans to release is just speculation, its spokesman said on Thursday.

"As for the so-called intel, this is just speculation and smearing against China," Wang Wenbin said at a regular briefing. »

Ohio train derailment: EPA says it can fine Norfolk Southern $70,000 a day if it falls short of cleaning up East Palestine site

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The head of the Environmental Protection Agency threatened expensive consequences if Norfolk Southern fails to fully clean up its toxic train wreck and pay for the fallout in East Palestine, Ohio.

While a potential $70,000-a-day fine might sound steep, Norfolk Southern reported a record $4.8 billion operating profit last year.

“From day one, I’ve made the commitment that Norfolk Southern is going to remediate the site,” Norfolk Southern President and CEO Alan Shaw told CNN on Tuesday. »

Ukraine calls on Sony, Microsoft and Valve to ban the sale of Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart is at the center of a new request from Ukraine, calling on Sony, Microsoft and Valve to ban the game.

Atomic Heart is out and it’s making waves, especially after a series of mixed reviews.

Now, however, the situation is getting a little more serious because Ukraine is asking Sony, Microsoft and Valve to ban the sale of Atomic Heart game . »