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Monday February 20th, 2023 morning edition

image for Cincinnati stops using Ohio River water even though Gov. Mike DeWine says East Palestine chemicals have ‘dissipated’

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The city of Cincinnati announced Friday it will stop taking in water from the Ohio River for now as chemicals from the East Palestine train derailment head downstream.

In a release, Cincinnati city officials said that more than 130 water samples taken at the city’s Ohio River water intake found “no detectable levels” of the chemicals from the derailment site.

However, the release stated that “out of an abundance of caution,” the city’s water system will shut off its Ohio River intake and temporarily switch to using water reserves.

“I’m confident that temporarily shutting off the Ohio River intake is the best move,” said Cincinnati City Manager Sheryl Long.

“There is no reason to be concerned about water from the Ohio River now,” DeWine said.

State officials previously said that drinking water treatment processes should remove any contaminants from the Ohio River.

Some of those chemicals got into local streams, killing fish and traveling down into the Ohio River. »

Utah legislature unanimously passes ban on LGBTQ conversion therapy

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SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah State Legislature has unanimously approved a bill that enshrines into law a ban on LGBTQ conversion therapy.

But through negotiations on the bill, he agreed to enshrine a ban on conversion therapy while offering some guidelines for therapists.

Utah originally had a ban on LGBTQ conversion therapy as an administrative rule (which functions essentially as a law tied to a therapist's license) after efforts to pass a law through the legislature failed. »

A GOP senator says Republican lawmakers are frustrated with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg because he wants 'everything to be climate and politically correct'

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Hill Republicans are increasingly voicing their issues with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Sen. Capito told The Hill that Buttigieg had a "push" for everything "to be climate and politically correct.".

The GOP lawmakers have expressed dismay with what they say is outreach that is insufficient compared to other members of Biden's cabinet. »

Jeff Koons 'balloon dog' sculpture valued at over $40,000 accidentally shattered at Miami art festival

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A balloon dog sculpture from artist Jeff Koons was accidentally broken at an art festival in Miami.

The incident will be forgiven as the work was insured, an art advisor told the Miami Herald.

One of Jeff Koons' famous "balloon dog" sculptures was broken at an art festival in Miami this week after a woman allegedly tapped the sculpture and it fell off its stand, shattering into pieces. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene Made a 'Fool of Herself' in Briefing: Congressman

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Greene, a Republican from Georgia, has boasted off her performance at the briefing following the first shootdown.

But Cohen said he had stayed until the end of the briefing so he could watch Greene speak.

At the end, there were only about ten of us left in the room, and Marjorie Taylor Greene got up and had her chance to speak," he said. »