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Friday February 17th, 2023 evening edition

image for Latvia says it is planning to confiscate cars from drunk drivers to donate to Ukraine's army

Latvia is planning to donate cars confiscated from drunk drivers to Ukraine's army.

Latvia's finance ministry confirmed that the coalition government agreed on the proposal on Monday.

Volunteers in Ukraine have been retrofitting civilian cars to turn into military-grade vehicles.

Latvia's government is looking to hand over cars confiscated from drunk drivers to the Ukrainian army after the country's new coalition government approved the measure on Monday.

"Now they're seeing a lack of cars to continue their good deed at the same speed," the spokesperson said.

"Therefore, we believe that confiscated cars from drunk drivers in Latvia would complement this great initiative.".

Insider previously reported that a team of volunteers had been transforming donated civilian vehicles into military-grade fighting vehicles for Ukraine's army. »

Denver City Council candidate Chris Hinds forced to crawl onstage for debate

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Denver City Councilman Chris Hinds couldn’t maneuver his wheelchair onto the stage at the Cleo Parker Robinson dance school Monday afternoon.

So the councilman said he had to climb out of his wheelchair and crawl onto the stage in front of the debate crowd of several dozen people.

Ultimately, event organizers could not lift Hinds’s electric wheelchair onto the platform and the group held the debate on the floor in front of the stage. »

Fetterman draws praise for getting help for depression

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The statement said Fetterman had experienced depression on and off in his life, but it had only become severe in recent weeks.

“Sen. Fetterman may do more for people just by admitting that he’s getting help for depression than any bill he ends up sponsoring.”.

Surgeon General, Vivek Murphy, tweeted praise for Fetterman, saying he hopes his “courage will serve as an example for others.”. »

School suspends boy after finding his mom’s OnlyFans content

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An OnlyFans mom says her son’s school suspended him after they found out about the content she makes in her free time.

In defense of Triece, Cheek revealed how she and her family were discriminated against when her son’s school found out about her own OnlyFans videos.

Instagram/Sarah Blake Cheek Sara Blake Cheek says her son was suspended because of her OnlyFans. »

Respawn Explains Why Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Isn’t on PS4, Xbox One

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In the March 2023 edition of PLAY magazine, game director Stig Asmussen explained why Star Wars Jedi: Survivor isn’t appearing on last-gen consoles.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was recently delayed, and is now set for launch on April 28 on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. »