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Sunday February 12nd, 2023 evening edition

image for Scaled down but still there: Dutch companies in Russia

More than eight months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a number of big Dutch firms continue to be active in Russia and remain tight-lipped about the number of people they employ.

Others will not comment on the number of people they employ.

‘That is quite bad,’ Russia expert Helga Salemon of the The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies told the paper.

(..) By remaining active these firms support the Russian economy and become part of the war effort’, she said.

That has now been ‘scaled down’ but it is not clear how many people are still working for the company.

Shell did not want to comment on the number of people it employs in Russia but said it too is phasing out its activities.

Boskalis and Fugro told the paper they no longer had any ‘significant business activity’ either in Russia or Ukraine. »

Congresswoman claims to be Jewish, revealed to be granddaughter of Nazi

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"I was raised as a Messianic Jew by my father,” Luna had told the Jewish Insider, clarifying that she identifies as a Christian.

"'Nazi Germany Registry' of Unvaccinated Americans: Think About It Like The Jewish Star,'" she tweeted.

The revelation of Luna's true heritage comes shortly after US Rep. George Santos was also revealed to have lied about being Jewish among other untruths he spread during his campaign. »

McDonald's to remove 'tasteless' sign opposite Cornwall crematorium

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Burger giant McDonald's has said it will remove a "tasteless" sign opposite a crematorium in Cornwall after the unfortunate coincidental placement was pointed out by CornwallLive.

Although the advertising hoarding has caused hilarity among motorists who spot it on the busy A39, others fear it may upset grieving families.

The sign, advertising the fast food chain's McCrispy burger, is right next to a crematorium sign and has been placed on a bus stop directly opposite Penmount Crematorium on the road between Truro and Carland Cross. »

Labour accuses ministers of living ‘luxury lifestyle’ at taxpayers’ expense

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Taxpayers’ money has been used to fund five-star hotels for ministers “living the high life” on overseas trips, Labour claimed following an analysis of Government spending.

“Far from actually governing, Conservative ministers are living the high life and treating taxpayers like a cash machine.

“A Labour government will get tough on waste, with an Office of Value for Money upholding transparency and high standards for all public spending, including on government procurement cards.”. »

Turkey probes contractors as earthquake deaths pass 33,000

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CAPTION CORRECTS NAME - Huseyin Seferoglu, 23-year-old, is pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building in Antakya, Turkey, Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023.

While the quakes were powerful, many in Turkey blame faulty construction for multiplying the devastation.

The justice ministry said three people were under arrest pending trial, seven were detained and another seven were barred from leaving Turkey. »