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Saturday February 11st, 2023 morning edition

image for US shoots down unknown 'high-altitude object' over Alaska, White House says

The White House said Friday that an unknown "high-altitude object" had been shot down over the waters off Alaska.

Responding to reporters' shouted questions about the shootdown Friday afternoon outside the White House, Biden called the operation a "success.".

It comes just days after the U.S. shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon last Saturday, following a political firestorm.

Kirby said the object was about the size of a small car and was at flying about 40,000 feet.

It was described as "cylindrical and silver-ish gray" and seemed to be floating, a U.S. official said.

"It came in, inside our territorial waters, those waters right now are frozen, but inside territorial airspace and over territorial waters.

National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby speaks during the daily briefing in the Brady Briefing Room of the White House, Feb. 10, 2023. »

Minnesota House passes "universal" school meals, providing free breakfast, lunch to students

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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- The Minnesota House passed a bill on Thursday guaranteeing free lunch and breakfast to all Minnesota students, regardless of income requirements set by a federal program.

One in four food-insecure children don't qualify for support under current federal programs, according Hunger Solutions Minnesota.

Right now, the number of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch help determine additional state funding – known as compensatory funding – that districts receive to support students in need. »

Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna claimed she was raised Jewish. Some relatives question that, and say her grandfather fought for the Nazis.

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She says she was raised as a Messianic Jew by her father, but relatives dispute that.

Luna also claims to be Hispanic, but registered to vote as "White, not of Hispanic origin" in 2015.

Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida may have misrepresented her religious background and only recently began identifying as Hispanic, according to a new report from the Washington Post. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene accused of ‘screaming and cursing’ through private China spy balloon briefing

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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly screamed and cursed at Biden administration officials during a closed-door briefing for not shooting the Chinese spy balloon down earlier.

House lawmakers were asked to attend a classified debriefing Thursday regarding the shot-down alleged spy balloon.

During the actual speech Ms Greene — dressed in an outfit reportedly meant to invoke the balloon but ended up more Cruella De Vil — screamed and heckled the president. »