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Friday February 10th, 2023 evening edition

image for Former acting defense secretary thinks the U.S. should slash its military budget in half

Former acting Defense Secretary Christopher C. Miller has a message for Washington: cut the defense budget "dramatically" and stop making China a bogeyman.

Miller argues the Pentagon budget, now at $816 billion, could be slashed by as much as half.

Miller served in the waning days of the Trump administration and recently wrote a book about his experience, "Soldier Secretary.".

He points to policymakers' approach to China as an example and argues they should de-emphasize the potential conflict.

The interview with Miller was recorded days before a suspected Chinese spy balloon traversed the continental United States.

Miller served as acting defense secretary for just 73 days.

"There was absolutely no way … I was putting U.S. military forces at the Capitol, period," Miller told the inspector general. »

Bill would ban the teaching of scientific theories in Montana schools

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A bill in the state Legislature seeking to regulate science curriculum in public schools got its first hearing Monday.

The legislation’s sponsor says by banning scientific theories, the policy aims to prevent kids from being taught things that aren’t true.

In his testimony, Emrich said the bill would make sure students are taught what a scientific fact is. »

Homosexuality to be decriminalised

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Speaking to The Daily Morning, Ali Sabry said: “There is a Private Member Bill initiated by Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Government MP and Attorney Premnath C. Dolawatte.

When queried as to whether Sections 365 and 365A of the Penal Code would be repealed, Ali Sabry said: “Yes.

The US called on Sri Lanka to respect the rights of LGBTIQ persons and for steps to be taken to stop the discrimination and harassment of the said community. »