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Tuesday February 7th, 2023 morning edition

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Greece's prime minister on Monday pledged to make "every force available" to aid historical rival Turkey after the neighboring country was hit by a deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake.

The powerful earthquake, felt in Turkey and in Syria, has killed nearly 1,800 people, leveled buildings and caused tremors felt as far away as Greenland.

The Greek government spokesman said a C-130 military transport plane would likely depart on Monday for Turkey with rescuers and supplies.

The head of Greece's quake protection agency will accompany the mission, the spokesman said.

Despite decades of animosity and recent tension over migration and hydrocarbon exploration, Greece and Turkey have a long history of helping each other in earthquakes.

The countries cooperated on recovery efforts in 2020 after a strong earthquake struck in the Aegean Sea, killing scores and causing vast damage mainly in Turkey.

They also worked together in 1999 when both countries were struck by deadly earthquakes less than a month apart. »

Woman plotted to destroy energy substations with neo-Nazi leader, FBI says

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Exelon said in a statement that they had been notified that the disrupted plot targeted several BGE electric substations with gunfire.

“The substations are not believed to have been targeted out of any connection to BGE or Exelon, or because of any particular vulnerability.”.

A relative of Clendaniel filed for custody of a child in 2017, and Clendaniel and that man were listed as defendants. »

New Lives in the City: How Taleban have experienced life in Kabul

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Four out of the five interviews were conducted in October 2022 and the last in November, all face-to-face in Kabul.

Another thing I don’t like, not only about Kabul but broadly about life after the fatha, are the new restrictions.

Our interviewees had a negative picture of Kabul before the takeover, but living in the city has changed their perceptions. »

Senators push for "passenger bill of rights" that would give travelers at least $1,350 if bumped due to oversold flight

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Democratic Senators Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut introduced the "passenger bill of rights," which would require airlines to pay passengers at least $1,350 if they're denied boarding because of an oversold flight.

"If passengers could receive 1,350 bucks whenever their flight is delayed by four hours, I am guaranteeing you there'd be a lot fewer delays," Blumenthal said.

At the airport, they learned their flight was canceled and that it would be days before Southwest could find them another flight. »

DeSantis to Take Control of Disney’s Orlando District Under New Bill

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The bill would make good on DeSantis’ promise last year to take over the district, after Disney criticized a state law that restricts instruction on gender identity and sexual identity.

The new legislation would reestablish the district under a new name, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

If it becomes law, the bill could face a legal challenge from Disney, which stands to lose control over a wide range of functions at its Orlando theme parks. »