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Tuesday February 7th, 2023 evening edition

image for Switzerland may renounce neutrality to provide military aid to Ukraine, Reuters reports

Read also: Switzerland pivots to allow re-export of weapons to Ukraine.

The leader of the center-right FDP party, Thierry Burkart, has submitted a motion to the government to allow arms re-exports to countries with similar democratic values to Switzerland.

“We want to be neutral, but we are part of the western world,” said Burkart.

"We shouldn't have the veto to stop others helping Ukraine,” he told journalists.

Though some of them note that the situation around the ban on weapon exports negatively affects the Swiss arms industry.

On Feb. 5, Sotomo published a poll that showed 55% of respondents in Switzerland are in favor of allowing weapons to be re-exported to Ukraine.

Read the original article on The New Voice of Ukraine. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene Presiding Over House Leaves Viewers 'Physically Ill'

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Critics of Marjorie Taylor Greene have reacted with despair after the Republican briefly presided over the House as a replacement for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was presiding over The House today.

Political commentator Brian Cohen added: "Marjorie Taylor Greene is now presiding over the United States House of Representatives. »

Alabama community rallies in support of a Black author after school district cancels Black History Month event

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A suburban Alabama community is rallying behind a Black author after the school district rescinded an invitation to have him speak and read his books at local elementary schools during Black History Month.

Dee Fowler, the district superintendent, cited contract issues and a parent’s “concern” regarding Barnes’ social media posts, he told CNN.

It’s a rare opportunity for your child to get in a public school, so losing that was disappointing, hurtful, and frustrating,” Dorough, whose son is Black, told CNN. »

"Friend In Need Is Friend Indeed": Earthquake-Hit Turkey Thanks India

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Terming India as "Dost" for its generosity for providing funds to the country after three devastating earthquakes struck Turkey in 24 hours, Ambassador of Turkey to India Firat Sunel thanked New Delhi and said, "a friend in need is a friend indeed.".

We have a Turkish proverb: "Dost kara gunde belli olur" (a friend in need is a friend indeed).

We have a Turkish proverb: "Dost kara günde belli olur" (a friend in need is a friend indeed). »

New Lives in the City: How Taleban have experienced life in Kabul

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Four out of the five interviews were conducted in October 2022 and the last in November, all face-to-face in Kabul.

Another thing I don’t like, not only about Kabul but broadly about life after the fatha, are the new restrictions.

Our interviewees had a negative picture of Kabul before the takeover, but living in the city has changed their perceptions. »